Friday, June 1, 2018

FO's to Show

After a rough patch (two surgeries and their respective recovery periods) I am back to healthy and whole and I couldn't wait to get shuttles back into my hands. I resisted the urge to splurge on NEW handcrafted shuttles and started sorting through the vast and various loose shuttles floating around my craft room.

You know what happens when you start looking around in your creative space? You find all sorts of unfinished things that scream to be completed.

I gathered up the tatting UFOs, put them in a pretty box and resolved to complete as many as possible before the end of the school year.

Hand-wound Happiness

Two HWT projects kept whispering, "Pick me,"  so I pulled them out and got to tatting.  I made it though one and a smidgeon of the the second UFO before starting a new project.

Jon Yusoff's Merriment doily pattern was one repeat away from finished.  Why hadn't I tatted one more repeat?!?  We'll never know.  I had used two variegated Valdani 12 threads hand-wound together to get the marled effect.  While not for everyone, I found this thread combination to be pleasing and easy to work.  It was a fun, quick to finish tat, which motivated me to keep going.

So I chose this UFO for the next project.

Aren't the threads pretty?  Round one was a square and round two alters it into a bracketed square.  A King Tut sewing thread (pictured) was hand-wound with a size 30 HDT to achieve the cheerful combo. The pattern for this is of Russian origin and was found on

So much pattern piracy happens on Pinterest that I decided not to share the pattern here.

Still slowly plugging ahead on the Russian motif, I start thinking about a Poppy pattern designed by Jennifer Williams in 2012.

"...the new Liz Metallic® threads would add a wonderful sparkle to her pretty poppy...I have a ball of Christmas Red #324...doubling it up with a solid red would add more poppy-ness..."

Boom!  I have started a Poppy Project.

Last but not least are the two MERFOLK completed back in January for Jane Eborall's final Tat It And See 2018.  My very purple mermaid has big, brown eyes and her name is Serena.  She is friends with Herman the Merman, who has crazy copper-colored hair.

Serena is tatted with Lizbeth 20 #165 Grape Splash. Strands of Elderberry Jam #177, Lilac Medium #642 and a variegated brown sewing thread make up her hair.  Her long locks are tied back with a scrap of green sock yarn "seaweed."

Saturday, January 27, 2018

TIAS Day 5 - Trunk, Paisley or Glow-on-the-Go?

Day five (5) dawned and I kid you not, my first waking thought was for the TIAS.  Some (not tatters) would say I was going fou-fou-nutzo.  But we all know what is important, don't we?

Of course we do!

So I hopped out of bed and headed to the computer to see what Day 5 brought -- even before coffee!

My printer died so I am tatting from electronic screens this year.  Luckily, my iPad allows me to bring the pattern to my favorite tatting chair and work.  Here is my quick snapshot showing my shuttles and the screen. 

I chose Lizbeth® 20 #165 Grape Splash thread to tat this curious, unknown-as-yet "wotzit." My glow worm might be morphing into an elephant trunk.  Either that or a paisley?

The open picots could easily be for a paisley shape.  But I'm not giving up on my glow worm just yet. Lil' Lumo might just be preparing a travel home to carry on his back.

On to Day 6!

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Muppet Musings on T.I.A.S. Day 4

Day 4 of Jane Eborall's Tat It And See is here and I found the next wee bit very interesting.  Rings get smaller as they progress down the center line which reminds me of the handle of a spoon.

Could it be a spoon? The open picots seem to indicate that we will be tatting "around the horn" and doing something mysterious at the top of the work. That is was is so addicting about TIAS, not knowing where the tatting is headed.

Which segues nicely into the Muppet Thought of the Week:

My Day 4 photos are presented by Kermit the Frog because he is a very well-traveled frog.

What does Kermit think about Day 4? At first I thought he might have been hinting that we were tatting a glow worm.  Kermit eats glow worms, so let's assume he's hungry and carry on.

Now I have two guesses to share with my Day 4 photo:  a spoon and a glow worm!

Kermits looks quite pleased with himself.  Which way will the TIAS 2018 go?  Who knows? Each Day gives us another clue.  

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

2018 Tat It And See Challenge Accepted

Hello, tatting friends! I have accepted the challenge from Jane Eborall in the form of her beloved Tat It And See (T.I.A.S.).

She has announced that 2018 will be her last year running TIAS which makes me sad.  For many years now, TIAS has always been Jane's fun community January tat-along.  But it is a tremendous amount of work for Jane to plan, design, test and carry out.

Will 2018 really be the final one?  Let's hope that Brain Cell #3 begs, wheedles and whines for another go in 2019.

TIAS 2018 Days 1-3
Tatted by IsDihara

This snippet makes up Days 1 through 3 and tomorrow Jane releases Day 4!  Part of the fun is posting your progress to Jane with comments and guesses -- what could it be?  What does it look like today?  She uploads each participant's guess and photo to her TIAS blog.

So far this bit of tatting has been exceptionally fun for two reasons.  It is the first bit of tatting I have done since October 2017, and it is so far working up great in size 20 Lizbeth 165 Grape Splash.

Hurry up Day 4, because right now I see a mysterious WHATSIT tail waiting for legs, body, neck and head.  

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Palmetto Tat-a-Con 2017

Tat Days 2017 -- TAT-A-CON -- was a fabulous event!  The weather was perfection, with lower humidity than usual and clear, sunny skies.

Driving toward an impending hurricane event was a bit nerve wracking, but IRMA didn't make landfall until after we tatters had all cleared out of the Baptist Conference Center in Toccoa, GA. We kept our sense of humor concerning Irma.  Emergency (tatting-themed) Hurricane TP!

We got a lot of tatting in before the rains came!  I get so busy having fun and talking with people that I tend to take very few photographs.  Here are a few that I remembered to take (in no particular order).

I befriended my first Southern Belle!  She is from the Southern Belles Tatting Society in Columbia, Tennessee and a fabulously fun, high-spirited lady.

It is not a trip to Tat Days without passing the "Giant Peach"  (And exclaiming "Giant Peach!" as we drive by.)  You can't miss it as you drive down I-85. It is a massive peach-shaped water tower near the North Carolina border.

Hilarity ensues when a few of us decide to snap selfies with the pretty privacy screen in the background. From left to right, me, Wanda (Her blog is called Wanda's Knotty Thoughts.) and Lace-Lovin' Librarian Diane couldn't stop joking and laughing and the photos show us at our happiest, most lace-lovin' best!

Karin West's sister Shari is always the life of any tatting gathering and she hopped off the elevator and into the photo-palooza.  She is such fun!

I love this photo of Sharren  Morgan and her husband David. Of course, I had to jump in, but my backside refused to stay hidden (hee hee).  Ignore that and focus on the lovely couple!

Tatting Rocks!
This year my local lace guild made the centerpiece decorations for the Friday night banquet and we decided it was a great time to jump on the painted rock bandwagon and share our love of tatting with our friends and outsider guests at the Baptist Conference Center.  These are a few of my favorites from the ones I painted.

Note: The Baptist Conference Center served as an Emergency Shelter/Safe Haven for folks fleeing the path of Hurricane Irma.  We had several groups of "refugees" on site.  Dining with them and hearing their stories was a privilege.

I let the rocks whisper to me what they wanted to be.

This one said, "I am a leaf on the wind; watch how I soar,"

Others started out as lacy lovelies but ended up as an olive branch, a paisley and a negative space motif.  All rather pretty!

I love how the bumble bee turned out!

Of course, the "dorky duck" had so much personality it got snapped up before the banquet even started.  The "bunch o' grapes" rock was great fun to paint and I am sure someone kept it.

I think JB Locke told me that she claimed "froggy doodle" from her banquet table. It begged to be taken home.

So simple and so much fun!  I had a hard time parting with the olive rock.

The teaching talent was tremendous as always.  I didn't get photos of every teacher.  But I really like the ones I managed to get.  Anita Barry!

 Georgia Seitz!

 Wally Sosa!

A group shot from one of the classes taught by Bonnie Swank.  Lots of happy faces!

 Isn't Wally wonderful?

Tatters Gonna Tat
We tatters will find ways to make our favorite lace even during banquet festivities. Even if it means wearing a mining lamp on our heads to see the fine, delicate stitches clearly. File this away under "Something You Don't See Every Day."  (Shari, you go girl!)

Of course much camaraderie was made in the gathering room. Some tatted, some chatted.  All had a wonderful time.

Even one of the photographers got in on the tatting action.

Last but never least, Shawna Wachs from Sharren Morgan's Eternity Angel class. Look at all those angels she tatted!  She said the pattern was great fun and she just kept on making them.

In all fairness, I agree wholeheartedly about the fun-factor of this pattern. It's darling and sweet and more than one teacher at my son's school is getting one at Christmas time.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

After a Long Break, I'm Back

Hello Tat Land!

So happy to be back on Ambitatterous blog after what seems like forever.

Health issues (mostly) kept me away -- gall gladder surgery, pneumonia, a bout with a nasty gastrointestinal virus, back trouble, weak eyes, way-too-much bed rest, you get the idea.

For eight months now I have not been able to tat.  It is not an exaggeration to say that Not Tatting has almost killed me!  These days I am still not tatting more than 4 rings at a time but things are slowly getting better.  I am looking forward to Palmetto Tat Days next week!

What does a tatter do when the eyes go all dodgy?  Break out the knitting needles. Over the summer I completed four Harry Potter scarves: two Gryffindor and two Slytherin.  Of course, Sapling got sorted into Hufflepuff in his 4th grade class, so now in addition to his Slytherin scarf, he wants a Hufflepuff!

I also started a slouchy beanie hat for Sapling since he has learned to ride a skateboard and is getting into "Sk8ter Gear."

Knitting zen is less than tatting zen, but some zen is better than none, I say!

Reading all of your lovely tatting blogs has greatly helped save my poor, shredded sanity.  If you ever think that no one reads your tatting blog, remember my words.  I wouldn't have made it without the wonderful techniques, ideas and images you shared from your own tatting and/or daily lives.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Fergal & Miss Scarlet Found

Great news!  Fergal and Miss Scarlet have been found safe and sound.

CelticDreamWeaver has put them up for an extended, restful holiday, complete with a view of Canandaigua Lake. (Click on the link to see the gorgeous view.)

They have even been enjoying tea time!

Fergal and Miss Scarlet having tea
with CelticDreamWeaver's leprechaun Fergus

Sherry has been making them feel as welcome as can be. After seeing the photo above, Ciarran was jealous he hadn't gotten an invite for tea. Poor chap will have to make do having tea with me.

Now we can all breathe a sigh of relief.  Thank you, CelticDreamWeaver, for sharing the news!