Friday, June 19, 2009

The Ants Come Marching In, Day 2

Mass genocide ensues after ants demoralize mommy. Longtime friend and undercover ant war strategist Marty gave me some very good advice after yesterday's post: take the war to them!

So I did. Or more accurately, WE did . . .

Awesome neighbor Eva suggested I mix up a batch of ant-killer solution using 40:40:20 (or 2:2:1, same thing) ratio of water, alcohol and dish soap. She even came over to help! This stuff works great! It kills ants on contact, and safe for pets, kids and the environment.

What? You want a tale from the trenches? Well, okay.

While outside on backyard ant reconnaissance, Eva and I discovered a mondo-gi-normous bed of ant larvae being tended to by a small army of what I can only describe as Nanny ants. Upon detection there was a mad scramble to save the babies, but we (Eva and I) eradicated the ants with the homemade spray. We were quite the war mongers!

But one question remains...does anyone know if it will kill the larvae? I mean, it's not extermination if the eggs are allowed to hatch.

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Krystle said...

Get 'em sister! WE have the nasty little buggers sending out scouts all over the place. I hate using bait too, I'll have to try your soap method!