Friday, January 29, 2010

Wheeee!! A Spree!

As promised, the big reveal from my recent spending spree. Being an unrepentant thread junky certainly has its perks.

And (don't tell Big Daddy) but I'm not done yet. A few more size 40 balls of Lizbeth will be added in either March or April. I have these lovely variegated colors and a desire need for coordinating colors.

You all understand.

See that shuttle on the right? That was a blog giveaway prize from Lace-lovin' Librarian Diane! It arrived in that darling golden carry case. I'm simply dying to tat with it, but have to complete my holiday catch-up projects before I will allow myself to play. Soon...soon...

UPDATE: Wondering about thread colors in the first photo? Here is a breakdown:

Spools (from left to right):
DMC size 40 Ecru
Lizbeth size 40 #121 Marble
Lizbeth size 20 #692 Mocha Brown Dk
Lizbeth size 40 #142 Turquoise Twist
Lizbeth size 20 #652 Royal Blue
Lizbeth size 20 #633 Purple Dk

HDT skeins (from left to right):
Dr. Von Threadmore:
   Watermelon size 20
   Leaf Green size 40 (or 50?)
   Teal size 40 (or 50?)

   Nectarine size 40
   Nectarine size 20

   Vanilla Sky size 20
   Vanilla Sky size 20
   Vanilla Sky size 40
   Vanilla Sky size 40

   Rainbow Bright size 20
   RB Solids -- Yellow size 40
   RB Solids -- Orange size 40
   RB Solids -- Red size 40
   RB Solids -- Blue size 40

   ChocoLime size 40
   ChocoLime size 20
   ChocoLime size 20
   Antique Bronze size 20
   Rusty Red (name may change) size 40


Fox said...

Wonderful choices - and there could be more.... LOL : ))

deanna7trees said...

Such beautiful colors. I asked for tatting shuttles for my birthday. Don't seem to have enough.
deanna in Texas

Jane Eborall said...

The second blue from the right is JUST the colour I've been looking for for years!!! I bought a ball as soon as I saw it. I struggle with blue as a colour for some strange reason. Great choices - keep spending!!!!

Anonymous said...

absolutely, I understand. I also agree don't tell big daddy! Happy shopping & tatting!

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

I certainly do understand! I went on a spending spree myself earlier in the week (after paying all the bills)...hdt is on its way as I write!

Tatskool said...

way to go!!! More on it's way sooooon!

Paula C. said...

Gorgeous threads!!! I am waiting on some from Tatskool and I just ordered from HH. May I join your club? Lol!!! My husband will freak if he is home when it all comes!

Ridgewoman said...

Me thinks the HDT and Shuttle Addiction club is already large and a growing body of those awaiting mail from our favorite HDT folks.
I never got around to taking a photo of my hdt collection, but it may still happen. Granddaughter has promised to take a proper photo of my shuttles.
Love the fact that TatSkool and now LSMaker are making solids to match the variegated threads. I use to tat with 20 regularly; but now, I've switched to 40 and 50.
You made some lovely choices.
Happy Tatting!

sewmuchfun4 said...

I'm diggin' those threads!
:) Ann

Carol Schockling Lawecki said...

Ohh LaLa, Love all the colors you have added to your collection!! What are the names of the 3 HDT colors on the left? They are so pretty!! I have bought some balls of the Lizbeth thread from Handy Hands and just today bought 2 variegated Lizbeth threads from JoAnn Fabrics. Happy Tatting with all your new lovely colors!!

Tatskool said...

Oh I do love matching solid colours for varig threads, Yarnplayer has always made these, they add so much to the versatility of a colourway.

IsDihara said...

Carol, The three scrumptious HDTs on the left are from Dr. Von Threadmore's experimental batches. Starting on the left and working my way in, they are: Watermelon, Leaf Green and Teal.

Krystledawne sells these marvels from her Etsy shop:

Thank you for asking!

Carol Schockling Lawecki said...

Thanks for the list of the thread brands and colors. Have fun tatting with that new shuttle and all that new thread. Weee, What fun!!

Typstatting said...

OOOOOHHH!!!!! what a feast of thread and the new shuttle how cool is that!!!!

Bonnie said...

Looks like you had fun!

Valerie said...

i'm totally jealous of your thread collection... such scrumptious colors no one can resist!