Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Lion or Lamb? And ♥ for Postie

How did March arrive in your little corner of Tat Land?

Gusting winds mixed with mild sunshine were the order of the day in ce petit coin, rather like a spunky lamb kicking up its heels.

This illustrative cartoon by PBS Stargazer Jack Horkheimer on In Like a Lion and Out Like a Lamb tells the constellatory story behind the old adage.

Whether or not you are a weather watcher, (Say that three times fast.) the early light of Spring is not far off. Lion Winter may not retire quietly, but we may take heart that light is just an equinox away.

Tatting Tea Tuesday
Hot tea has been a steadfast companion these past few days. Today instead of Throat Coat, I sit down with a comforting cuppa Rooibos Vanilla topped off with a splash of chocolate soy milk. Mmmm, so yummy.

Work continues on my ChocoRaspberry nine-sided motif but have decided not to show it until I finish the second round. Test tatting for Heather, the Tarnished Tatter continues too. Can't show you that either, just yet.

What I can show you is an Easter Egg and four goodies that arrived Monday via post.

Easter Egg No 5
© 2004 Forleget Akacia

This is Easter Egg No 5 from Tatted Easter Eggs by Kirsten Wind Hansen, published by Forleget Akacia.  It is tatted in two rounds using one shuttle and ball thread. I chose Lizbeth size 40 in Marble (color 121) for the rings and DMC Cordonnet Special size 40 in Ecru for the chains. The finished egg measures 6 cm by 7 cm or approximately 2 ½ by 2 ¾ inches.

Easter Egg No 5 is motif number nine for my 25 motif challenge. Lizbeth Marble (color 121) is a timeless, masculine colorway. Great for projects with bold, classic tones. It was not on my list of threads to buy, but jumped off the shelf and said, "Take me home!"

♥ for Postie
Postie brought lots of wonderful things yesterday. Three goodies from LadyShuttleMaker:
  • a skein of size 50 Treebeard HDT to pair with some Omega size 50 in color 1394 Brown Gray.
  • The Exquisite Collection of Tatted Butterflies, volumes I & II
My fingers are itching to try the Treebeard and Brown Gray together, but I must wait until the Omega thread arrives via mail order.

After poring over the butterfly books, I decided I couldn't wait and tatted Twitter last evening in bed. The instructions say it is a good project to use up left over thread on your shuttles. And it is!

Twitter © 2010 Sherry Pence

Twitter was tatted using 2 shuttles wound CTM with Lizbeth size 40 Marble (colorway 121).

Can you believe this wee flutter is the first butterfly I have ever tatted? So charmed was I that I tossed it on the scanner even before finishing off the ends.

Lastly, Postie brought the 40-page booklet entitled, Elgiva Agnes Nicholls, Tatter, Life and Career 1900-1982 by Heather Lickley for the Ring of Tatters.

Tatskool showed me her copy a week or so ago during a video chat and I knew immediately that I HAD to have this book for my tatting reference library.

It is a lovingly recorded and well-researched bit of history, with many previously unpublished photos of Elgiva and her work. If you are a collector, this booklet is a must-have for your library.


Stephanie said...

March came in like a lamb here in SE Michigan. Love the new goodies the mailman brought. Sherry's books are fantastic, aren't they?

Not a fan of Omega thread, though. Too soft and the rings are too hard to close. I have three or four balls of the stuff taking up valuable thread space. Want 'em? You can have them.

Tatfully Yours said...

I'm so glad you were able to get Heather Lickleys' book about Elgiva Agnes Nicholls it is a very interesting read. If you have the chance you should see if you could come to Cambridge Ontario in Sept. for the tatting weekend because Heather herself flies over each year. She is a very wonderful lady.

JB said...

Lovely easter egg. Time flies--already time for Easter tatting. I was in the mall yesterday--Easter dresses were everywhere.

IsDihara said...

Steph, thanks for your comment! Sherry's books are as well crafted as her HDT. I appreciate all the helpful info she puts in her layouts.

As for Omega thread, I have shied away from it in the past, but HH describes it as (soft touch) six cord thread, so I am giving it a try. If I hate it, I'll let you know.

Tatfully Yours, I agree. Elgiva Nicholls' book is a fascinating look into the life of a talented lady. Turn-of-the-century Tat Land was quite different from today. Loved your comment, thanks for leaving it!

JB, Thanks for dropping by! Your comments always bring a smile to my face. I still get raving compliments about the embroidered hand towels you made for me!

Focusing on Easter -- AND International Tatting Day -- takes my mind off snow and cold.

Gina said...

Your very first flutter??? Oh wow! The very first complete tatting I ever did was a flutter! LOL!

I have some Omega I love and some I hate. I love the most recent I got which was 2 years ago. The ones before that I did not like.

March...I seem to remember a bit of sunshine yesterday and medium wind. Also sunny today. Temps above freezing. :-)))

Fox said...

Those colours are so pretty for that pattern. I have used that thread (for booties) and have to admit it is not one of my faves, but it sure works on this egg!

I had the chance to buy one of those books from Heather in Cambridge when she was here for the tatting event in September, and I didn't. Wish I had ! I shall have to get a copy after your writeup!
Fox : )


IsDihara said...

Gina, Yes, isn't it amazing that I never tatted a butterfly before yesterday? I made snippets of edgings in the early days.

It will be interesting to see if I love or hate the Omega thread. I have a feeling it won't be a middle-of-the-road reaction. We'll see!

Fox, have I enabled you again?!? (supresses maniacal laugh)

I AM sorry to keep spending your hard-earned cash for you. But if you already own "Let's Tat" then the Elgiva Nicholls book needs to join it on your bookshelf.

(See? I just can't help myself -- reserving my opinion is difficult.)

Unknown said...

Glad you're able to get some test tatting done for Heather! She's a designing maniac that gal is! ;)
Have fun with all your tatting toys!
~TattingChic ♥

IsDihara said...

Thanks, TattingChic ♥! With all the new toys it is difficult to sort out what to tat first.

And as always, your lovely comments are a bright spot to light the way. Thanks for dropping by!

Tatskool said...

Never tatted a butterfly, gosh..but I have to admit that very few butterfly patterns light my fire..I guess they just don't look enough like real butterflies to me. I have to learn to accept them as they are! That saying i have recently tatted two new butterflies...so much to blog about and so little time.

Glad you got your goodies, enjoy them all.

March has followed on from the sunniest Feb in 40 years..also the coldest...until today....rain again..and not a daffodil in sight.

IsDihara said...

Tatskool, a little sun and a little rain are a perfect recipe for daffodils to come!

Glad to see you are safely returned from your trip.

Hoping to be inspired by your butterflies soon. Are you tatting flutters for the Holocaust Museum?

Mothermark said...

OMG! I so love this...you amaze me at what you do....this is spectacular. I love how the colors end up.....and the butterfly, the butterfly is to die for! All this tatting stuff amazes me, how you have the time and patience...its so worth what you do though as it is gorgeous beyond gorgeous!

Can't wait to see some up close and personal when I get my package! Whoo Hoo!