Thursday, May 13, 2010

Link Love: Tatting

Just a quick post to share some recent finds featuring tatting:

Born 100 Years Too Late This blogger has begun a new feature called "Fancy Work Wednesday" -- a perfect next stop after visiting Heather, the Tarnished Tatter's "Wacky Wednesday" column.

Things We Make Blog
has featured two tatters so far in its "Instant Heirloom" pages:
Kersti Anear and Jessica Spaulding of Snapdragon Lace (who, if memory serves, won the Shuttlebirds speed tatting contest a few weeks ago.)

An oldie, but a goodie: Then and Now: The Ancient Craft of Tatting Featured in Tennessee Residence Decor...Again

And if you haven't seen this yet, you're going to love the Tatting Zodiac over at InTatters.


tattrldy said...

Ooo, aren't there pretty things out there? Some are pretty Wow! Thanks for the links!

JB said...

I enjoyed reading all the snipits. But, the article on Willie Smith Scott and her daughter was so inspiring and interested. Thank you for sharing it with us.

Fox said...

Interesting Jessica Spaulding interview.
Fox : )