Tuesday, June 1, 2010

At last some tatting!

The tatting blogs will no doubt be getting quieter as spring warms into summer. Schools are letting out, pools are opening up, casual dress Fridays are becoming de riguer and thoughts are turning to R and R.

No matter how you spend it, I hope you find ways to work in a little time for tatting.

For the past few weeks my tatting has been really crappy, which has probably been a side-effect of the unexpected stressers [dog attack, A/C going out in the car and finding out it will cost more than the blue book value of the car to fix it, unexplained broken window on main floor of the house, rotten family arguments, yada yada yada].

Geogie Seitz passed along some wise advice her grandmother (I think) gave her. Basically it was "let patience work out the details." And of course her grandmother was right.

Today was the first day that my tatting wasn't a complete ka-fuffle and I managed to finish the spider for the crazy quilt block project. Albeit, it's an arachnid with one side wider than the other on the body.

But hey, it still looks pretty good. And it was the first time I have ever tatted around a button.

The finger tatting brought back fond memories of tatting from my younger days, including a wonderful dinner with an old friend in Harrisburg, PA, many years ago.

My twin sister and her husband, and I and my (then) boyfriend traveled to meet our high-school pal and his wife for a dinner party.

During the pre-dinner conversation I learned that my old pal had been trying to learn tatting. So we rounded up some kitchen twine and I showed him finger tatting.  He picked it up immediately and said that those few moments with twine clarified hours upon hours of frustrated confusion.

I should call him up to ask if he still does any tatting these days!

These are a few familiar snippets I am sending off to Georgia Seitz:

Lene Bjorn pattern from Danish Tatting Guild
(Dansk Orkisforening) newsletter Orkis Bladet

Lady Shuttlemaker's "Hope" Butterfly

Rose Doodle by Mary Konior

Single Shuttle Split Ring Dragonfly

Tatting Tea Tuesday
Last week I missed the local stitcher's group night. I was tending to a wounded pet. Tonight, as Julie Beagle is faring much better, I will go and try to get some tatting done. The tea will most likely be a bottled Snapple instead of a home-brewed cuppa, but the craft-bonding will be uplifting.

I still haven't finished the Spring bookmark made from Tatskools lovely Just Daffodils HDT, but it is coming along slowly. I plan to take it with me as well as some thread to tat treble clefs and this new motif I saw on the 25 Motif Challenge page:  Carolyn's Motif #11.  Love the bracketed shape!

Not sure what I will work on, but it is always nice to have choices, eh?

Wishing you all blissful me time to create something beautiful. See you next Tuesday for more communi-tea!


Eliz Davis aka Tatknot said...

About the time my schedule gets clear enough to do more tatting and chatting (summer and Christmas holidays), most others are too busy for same. Summer is my busy tatting season. Love your work.

Fox said...

Your tatting all looks absolutely wonderful! One would not know you were having 'a time' with it at all!

I am particularily drawn to the pink Danish Tatting Guild piece. It is gorgeous.
Fox : )

*♥* Heather *♥* said...

ooooooooohh a button butted spider. I like that kind of spider not the real crawly ones (shiver) Glad your pup is doing better, too bad about the car, and other issues I feel for ya...
ha ha my word verification is squirre missing the L for squirrel and mis spelled a little bit maybe it means I am only a little squirly ;)

Umintsuru said...

Your spider looks so good! That yellow button and black thread is a perfect combination.

'RainbowRose' Connie Faulconer said...

Beautiful tatting!!!! I love the motifs and even though I am NOT a fan of spiders,,,,I think you did really AWESOME!!!

Valerie said...

that's a nice big spidey! very cool. i like him.

Unknown said...

Some beautiful work ....... beautiful spider until I got scared, lol .... I thought it was real .. regards

Unos lindos trabajos.......la araña hermosa, hasta me dió miedo,jejeje.... pensé era de verdad.. saludos

angeles said...

Hi, your spider looks great, I like very much and the rest of your tatting.

Tattin' Kat said...

These are beautiful. I really love the Danish Guild pieces and the butterfly.

Kathy Niklewicz said...

Gosh - didn't realize so many things were happening in your life! Hope Julie's doing better (I didn't even try to enlarge the photo!) Possibly there won't be any hesitation from the St. Bernard's owner to pay the bill! But the emotional stress would have been too much for me! Relieved that you and your son are okay.

Your tatting certainly has not suffered. Quite an array of different techniques going on here, and all beautifully done.

The spider is cute - is he a Steelers' fan? :)

Was it difficult to obtain the Danish pattern for the Lene Bjorn doily, which starts with this motif? I remember everyone wanting to obtain it! Could the thread you used be Tatskool's? So pretty!

Also pretty are the colors for Sherry's 'Hope' butterfly. We're all hoping Sherry has better news soon!

Mary Konior's rose is also perfectly done, and perfect colors!

And what a sweet Dragonfly!!! I think I've seen the pattern but can't remember where. Am I correct that the single-shuttle split rings have a double thread through one-half of the ring? It's certainly not obvious.

Also thanks so much for the link to the video interview with Wilma Walker! So wonderful for Ruth to have done this.

Enjoy the summer activities - after that miserable winter!

Being Mrs Miles said...

Hi and thanks for your visit to my blog AND your kind comments for my tatted necklace as well and the tatted flower I turned into a digital scrapbook element. I used to design for scrap booking (an online store) and so know that people LOVE this sort of thing! Its quite easy to turn a high quality photo into a digital scrap booking element and it attracts interest to a blog!

Ohhh - your spider is SOOO neat, I keep LOOKING and looking at button tatting... hehe, I have some amazing square buttons someone just gave me in a deep blue an I know they would look perfect. Is it hard to tat with buttons (for a newbie like me that is?) I'm a pretty quick learner I think.

Actually ALL of your projects are wonderful - you have my head thinking thinking LOL.

I hope you get loads of fun tatting time - I plan to take mine with me during summer camping vacation for sure, make up all my Christmas prezzies early this year.

Sorry bout the car, house and dog. :( Hug

~ Barb (Mrs. Miles)

Birgit said...

I've never seen my spider made with a color button - that looks awesome!! :0)

Great job!