Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Lizbeth's New Fall Colors

Sneak Peek
Imagine my surprise when a sneak peek of the Lizbeth's Eight New Fall Colors dropped into my inbox:

Color 696 – Autumn Orange Med
Color 615 – Yellow Lt
Color 619 – Baby Pink
Color 649 – Baby Blue

Variegated Colors
Color 136 – Autumn Spice
Mocha brown dk and med, terra cotta dk, harvest orange dk and lt, olive dk and med.

Color 137 – Berry Burst
Violet dk, boysenberry dk, cornflower blue med, country turquoise dk.

Color 138 – Leafy Greens

Leaf green med, pine green, olive med, leaf green lt.

Color 139 – Fruit Fizz
Raspberry pink med, autumn orange med, melon lt, purple med.

Plus, two more colors that do not yet have scans:

Color 153 – Rainbow Taffy
– Pink lt, autumn orange med, yellow lt, avocado green very lt, electric blue lt, purple med.

Color 154 – Wildflower Garden
– Lilac med, Purple lt, autumn orange med, pink coral med, blossom pink med, olive dk

Wow, that makes 121 colors available in three sizes. To borrow phrasing from Charlotte the barn spider (Charlotte's Web by E. B. White), that's "Some Selection." Terrific!

Have Your Say
Barbara Foster is also asking for your feedback to help her choose which new solid colors and variegated combos to release in December.

This is your chance to choose the colors to get you through those dreary winter days. Or to spice up your sizzlin' hot winter days, depending on which side of the equator you happen to live.

So, what colors would you like to see that are missing from the Lizbeth line?

Leave a comment with your color suggestion(s) on THIS POST or email Barbara Foster directly at 

Lizbeth 80
If you're waiting for the latest release information, the following notice went out on Monday, July 5th:
The Lizbeth size 80 thread will not be in stock until the end of August.

If you haven't already heard, the color spacing for the size 80 is shorter, as short as 2.5-3 inches long for some colorways. Others are a little longer. No more tatting (and tatting and tatting) to get to the next color change.


Sally Kerson said...

Oh those new colour combos are gorgeous. I like strong dark colours something with black, grey, turquoise and dark yellow might be intersting.

Stephanie said...

I'm loving the leafy green a lot, but I am not buying anymore Lizbeth until the quality issues are resolved. I'm so sick of having to cut the thread and rejoin because of knots and slubs that I restarted my stash with Venus threads. The Lizbeth is still good for crochet because I can work over and around the knots, but not for tatting. Hope the size 80 is OK, but I'll wait.

Kathy Niklewicz said...

Wow - What fabulous posts about Lizbeth thread and the availability (or not) at JoAnn's! EXCELLENT RESEARCH AND INFORMATION!

I'm especially in awe of your statistics. I'm always fascinated with, and at times frustrated by, the retail world.

I have applauded JoAnn's within the past few months for carrying Lizbeth thread (although I would love to have more colors - not to mention size 40) and also for carrying (at our stores) Janette Baker's book/DVD, especially when they seemed on the verge of abandoning everything connected with tatting. I'm sure their answer to lack of supplies would be "Well, no one tats anymore."(*sigh*). I've done my best to buy the thread and recommend it at our demos, and most people have a JoAnn's in their area.

I certainly applaud Barbara Foster for her amazing initiative in getting this thread manufactured. I can't imagine how she's done that!

Thanks again for YOUR work in putting this information out there!

God's Kid said...

Ooooooohhhh, Fruit Fizz looks so awesome! :)

shannon_in_love said...

i agree with god's kid... i hecka want the fruit fizz

Typstatting said...

I just love the colours more to add to my stash!

Martha said...

I love the Autumn and the variegated green scans. I can't think what other colors to suggest--there are so many already.

I haven't had any quality issues with my Lizbeth thread. My local JoAnn doesn't carry it, but I saw some at Hobby Lobby which I don't get to nearly as often.

Krystle said...

I have been dyeing for a true deep teal......not a turqoise, but an oceany teal.

The other comment I would like to pass along is about the quality of the black Lizbeth. Something about it makes it feel really inconsistent,almost unbearable to use....maybe the dye? I know when I dye thread sometimes the darker colors leave the thread feeling thicker. And I also second the commenter above about there being a few too many knots in the balls. I go through quite a few balls of white each time I dye, and lately it has been feeling like every third or fourth ball has a knot, and that makes the cost per 50 yd. skein for me higher. I don't know what is considered allowable or a normal amount of knots, but it is really annoying when you wind a shuttle almost full for a project and then run into a knot.....

But I do love Lizbeth. I am sure the kinks will be worked out. Thank you Barbara and HH for keeping us supplied with a great selection!

Anonymous said...

I think the colors of Holly, Mistletoe, etc would make lovely end-of-the-year thread ;-)

Also, something that's been on my mind lately is, what about lizbeth thread in National Soccer Team colors, or Baseball, Football, etc?

Men like sports, and us women-folk like tatting (and sports?).. why not combine the two?!