Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tatting Tea Tuesday
Round 6 Finished

Row 6 of Purple and Teal Square Doily
Debbie Arnold © 2002

Round six (6) of the County Fair doily is complete.

Less than four weeks remain before the fair opens. Four more rows to tat. The pressure is on! Maybe I should stop here until after the fair judging?

The next three rounds build the beautiful bracketed square shape. If I forge ahead and don't get all 10 rows done, I risk it looking unfinished. If I leave it as is, it looks like a nice glass mat.

Speaking of which, progress on the spinning wheel glass mat continues slow but steady. It occurs to me that instead of a doily, I could submit multiple coasters for the county fair. But how to present them?

FYI - both mats are the same size.

4 repeats of Mary Konior's Spinning
Wheel Glass Mat in Bali HDT, size 30

Every Time a Bell Rings...
...an angel gets his wings, or so goes the quote from "It's a Wonderful Life."

I snapped this partial shot of the glass mat because it looked like one half of a pair of angel wings. Has anyone else used this pattern to tat angel wings?

Lastly, I attempted to make a birthday card using rubber stamps, scrapbooking papers and a few embellishments. It started out simple, but exploded into a three-trip-to-Michaels event fairly quickly. Why?

I purchased the wrong kind of inkpad for the coated cardstock used to craft the lotus blossom and the ink never fully dried. Not with help from a hair dryer or a heat gun. Even after sitting out to air dry in a well air-conditioned house for a week, the ink rubbed off easily on my fingers. Live and learn!

People like Etha Schuette make it look easy. That just goes to show you how talented they are.

Whether it is a card, a bit of lace or something else, here's hoping you all find time time to create something beautiful. See you next Tuesday for more communi-tea!

Note: This post was scheduled in advance, but I took along fresh spearmint leaves from my backyard mint patch to brew a refreshing tea before departing home to Silly Hat Central. Hoping your tea was tasty today!


Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

With a time crunch involved, I'd be tempted to leave the square motif as is until after the fair... then you can enter the completed piece next year!

How to display coasters/glass mats... hmm... with matching tea cups would be my choice!

Fox said...

Amazing stitching on the Debbie Arnold piece. Just gorgeous.
Fox : )

Anonymous said...

I love those Mary konoir patterns.
Your work is beautiful.

Tatfully Yours said...

That`s a hard call on the square motif. The bigger it gets the longer it takes to get around. What size is it now? I think it looks great as it is!!

tattrldy said...

Hmm, how many other things do you have going? If you could dedicate yourself to the doily you might get it done in plenty of time, but if you have other things going on (Sprout, the dogs, life...) I think I agree with Diane. Enter as-is and then enter next year with the finished piece. It's looking good, whatever you decide to do!

You're right, that partial mat looks like angel wings. So, when are you making one??? The card looks good, too.

Hope you enjoyed your tea and had a safe trip home.

Tatskool said...

I think that if you are stressed about it that maybe you should finish the doiley for next year's fair.
Love the idea of the spinning wheels for angels wings...good thinking.

Your card came out magnificently. Wonderful stamp, did it need permanent ink?

Thinking of you.