Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Autumn in the Air

Champagne grapes, crisp apples and pumpkins on the vine. Morning fog too. These things make my fingers itch for knitting wool. And baking pies and pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. And scrapbooking.

Autumn must be in the air.

Another summer is drawing to a close and I haven't made the Valiere Square ice cream cone. AUGH! (Charlie Brown's anguished cry after Lucy pulls away the football.)

Though the morning air felt a bit nippy, the afternoon was sunny and warm. I am taking it as a SIGN to start the Valiere Square ice cream cone.

This is how far along I got during The Sprout's play date at a local playground.

The pink thread is Flora 20 color #207 raspberry rose.

My focus was to tat entirely by feel - not scrutinize the stitches - and keep my eyes on The Sprout while he raced around the playground. It was hard to resist scrutinizing, but I managed to not look until I needed to make a picot (gauge-free).

Round one looks uneven but with practice it will improve. This time last year I physically couldn't make stitches without looking at them. I feel satisfied with this improvement, even with the gapsosis in the sample.

The tea kettle has come out of summer storage and has been working overtime since Sunday brewing Theraflu concoctions for Hubby with a Headcold.

Hubby is better today and the kettle can again return to its first duty - tea. My tea infusion for today is a delicious Vanilla Nut Cream Decaf.  It's not Lord Nelson, but it is tasty.

Tatting Tea Tuesday
A hearty, warm welcome to all "communi-tea" newcomers! If you have read about tatters who drink coffee, diet coke or beer with their Tuesday Tatting (I still chuckle over Tatting Beer Tuesdays. What next?) and are slightly confused...

Here are the rules:

  • Set aside some time to tat.
  • Put the kettle on for tea. (or your beverage of choice)
  • Share your progress on your blog or your favorite tatting group list, with "Tatting Tea Tuesday" in the headline or email subject line.
(Adding the communi-tea part is optional, I just like the pun.)

And don't forget to leave me a comment with a link to your post or message so I can come see.

Wishing you all blissful me time to create something beautiful. See you next Tuesday for more communi-tea!


God's Kid said...

You did that basically without looking???? I don't think mine would look half that nice, but maybe someday, the future.
I think yours looks really good! :)

sewmuchfun4 said...

That sounds like SUCH a nice way to spend part of your day! That is a sweet pattern - didn't even mean to be punny, it just comes out.

I'd hate to see what I would tat up for Tatting Beer Tuesday, but I would be relaxed.

:) Ann

Kelly said...

That is excellent for tatting without looking. In fact my tatting while looking may someday approach that degree of evenness.

I love tatting beer Tuesdays as well. Like Ann, I'd hate to see what I come up with. Have a great day, and glad your hubby is doing better and the tea pot can go back to brewing tea.