Sunday, September 12, 2010

Motif #15 - Broomstick Tatted Bookmark

Broomstick Tatted Bookmark
© 2010 Martha Ess

Time to show off my second completed project from Palmetto Tat Days 2010!

Isn't this bookmark just so for finishing up your late summer beach reading?

It is tatted in Lizbeth 20 #125 Seascape and measures 5 inches (12.7 cm) long by 1 inch (2.5 cm) wide. It will count as motif #15 for my 25 motif challenge.

This bookmark would look terrific in bold, peacock colors, transitional or monochromatic colors, rich gem tones or even soft pastels.

Two solid colors would also give it striking dramatic appeal. Bling is an option for folks who know how to add beads into the center of rings.

The good patterns are always this way, aren't they? Versatile. Timeless.

Martha, thank you for sharing this great lace bookmark!

Swept Off My Feet
Sometimes all it takes is a passing glance. Sometimes more. Serendipity lent a hand in my latest infatuation — broomstick lace.

In August I signed up to take Martha Ess' bookmark class at Palmetto Tat Days. Mid-month, broomstick lace crochet was demonstrated at the county fair. By September 1st I was swept up in broomstick lace love.

First six rows of Broomstick (Jiffy) Lace Scarf

Segue: Two Types of Tatters
Learning new techniques is a big part of my motivation behind and passion for tatting. Those of you who are production tatters may not understand this. You thrive on finishing projects.

A production tatter doesn't have UFOs. They must finish one project before starting another.

Technique tatters thrive on learning new techniques and have been known to switch gears mid-stream or set aside a project to start another one.

When my first attempt at the broomstick tatted bookmark went awry (image below), I switched to broomstick crochet.

The broomstick crochet kept me focused on the technique while I muddled through options of weaving in the extra-long picots on the Bali sample. I was playing around with weaving the picots of ring one and ring two through each other and then applying the swirl join at the top (ring 2 picots would travel over to become ring 1 swirl join and vice verse...) when fate stepped in.

First Serendipity, Then Fate 
One day The Sprout decided to "make laces" with mommy's shuttle and a snap was heard that struck fear into my lace-lovin' heart. He had been swinging the lace over his head like a flail and the cord snapped, sending the shuttle and lace flying across the room.

The lesson learned (aside from the deep well of patience that kept the boy alive) is that three-cord threads aren't as strong as six-cords threads.

Yes! I actually tested that theory and allowed The Sprout to repeat his flail test. Twice. The six-cord thread held through both flail trials. And The Sprout had a great time helping mommy. The finished bookmark was the six-cord flail test cotton!

Now you know that six-cord threads are Destruct-O Boy approved for all your tatting needs. ツ


Gina said...

Good move Mommy!

I guess I'm a technique tatter, sort of. I'm not necessarily into learning new techniques, but I like to try new combinations, new perspectives, so it's kinda the same thing, but different. LOL! I'm going to write a post along that line here shortly. Maybe it will be clearer ~ and maybe not!

Crazy Mom! said...

At least The Sprout did not break a SHUTTLE! It's much easier to add in thread than to fix a broken shuttle..

Tell The Sprout and his Dad hi for me - may call tonight.

Ridgewoman said...

Having just had an afternoon run-in with 3 ply threads breaking; and, taking a big breath and a cup of patience myself (breathe!), I totally understand the 3-ply experiment.
Also, having helped in the raising of my grandson, I always found it difficult to get truly aggravated with that darling boy's 'accidents'. After all, in my case, an Aero without a hook simply becomes a shuttle that doesn't have a hook; while the boy, now a young man of 21, provided years of precious memories! And how is that for a run-on sentence? LOL I'm leaving it; had enough retro and redo today.
xx bj

Singtatter said...

The bookmark looks so terrific! Guess what I do, I put short section of sticky tape on all the loops before I pull them out of the loom, and remove the tape just after I gather them for joining. The loops won't be messed up and it's easier to gather the loops up!

Jon Yusoff said...

LOK! My first thoughts were - let that not be a shuttle that cracked!

This is good to know, :) I seldom use 3-ply thread and when I do it is usually for my test tatting.

tattrldy said...

Oh, my! My first thought when reading this was the shuttle broke! Glad things turned out well. And, hey, you learned something from it and then shared with us - a good day! The bookmark looks great! I haven't tried that technique yet but it looks intriguing. I'll have to keep that in mind when looking to try something new. Your crocheted broomstick lace scarf is looking good, too.

Fox said...

Well, thanks to the Sprout, I will not be using any 3-ply thread anymore when I go rock climbing.

Who knew the dangers I have been facing out there on the rock face? Yup, only 6-ply for this tatting mountaineer from now on.

Love the bookmark, That is really something different.

As far as the two types of tatters - I am stuck somewhere between the two and can go either way very quickly, at any time. This is an unfortunate character trait in a tatter, I fear.

Fox the Fickle : )

Cindy said...

I really love that broomstick tatting - that bookmark is wonderful. I have never seen that before anywhere - is this a new technique? I'm afraid I will never accomplish each technique that intrigues me - seems I see something new that I want to try every time I'm blog-surfing.

IsDihara said...

Happy Bluebird, Martha Ess taught a class at Palmetto Tat Days on how to make this bookmark.

I don't know her plans for publishing the technique in a book or if she wishes to share it freely.

Why don't you ask her if she will share the pattern? I'm guessing that she would be agreeable. (It was included in the Tat Days Pattern CD.)

Email me privately and I will forward you Martha's email addy.