Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A Big Thank YOU!

Thank you ALL for your outpouring of warm, supportive wishes this past week. Every single one is appreciated so much more than words can express.

First repeat of Jon Yusof's
Magic Moment Snowflake © 2009

Tatting Tea Tuesday
Since today is Tatting Tea Tuesday, and since my order of size 40 Lizbeth #154 Wildflower Garden arrived yesterday, I poured my sadness into testing out this vintage-inspired colorway.

Tatting is great therapy! But you already knew that. I needed a bit of reminding. Jon Yusof's Magic Moment Snowflake pattern makes for very soul-satisfying tat therapy.

Sorry to have scanned it with the wrong side showing. My next scan will be right-side up.

Can you believe this is the first time I have tatted this pattern? But I knew this snowflake was worth the wait.

Ruth Scharf leaves in a snowflake?

First Try at a Snowflake Design
Some design inspiration flowed from my fingers this past week. While I was perusing one of Ruth Scharf's leaf books I noticed that all of her patterns used those gorgeous leaves inside the motifs. Never around the edge.

Naturally I had to find out if there was a good reason for this or if Mrs. Scharf merely preferred her leaves as a more central element in her designs.

This first try is far from perfect. In fact it has a long way to go. But I like how the leaves look around the edge.

A cluster of Scharf leaves in the center would add drama. See? Mrs. Scarf had the right idea all along!

I was also thinking that something like this might look good on a satin ornament (either a ball or an egg) and I think I will play around with this idea also.

Valiere Square Success
Last but not least is my Valiere Square do-over. I did not abandon the first one, but I had just enough thread left on the shuttles so I said, "Why not?"

Since ice cream cones aren't as popular when the mercury drops below sunbathing range, I am looking for something else to do with this. (Other than a bookmark.) Has anyone ever tried a Valiere Square Snowflake? Hmmm...


Cindy said...

I love the look of the leaf-edged snowflake. Beautiful!

Fox said...

Wow! That leaf is gorgeous!

But, who, I wonder is Ruth Scharf? I have to go look her up as I have never run across the name. Your tatting is very, very good!

Also, congrats on getting back to the little Valiere Square and doing it justice!

I love this shape and indeed, I tatted a couple because I first saw it on your site and could not get it out of my mind.

♥ Fox : )

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

Ha! I'm working on the same snowflake! I'm using Lizbeth #131... must be all the wine I've been drinking lately... not too much, but enough to keep me thinking of wine colors!

That leaf-edged snowflake is gorgeous. My goodness... that to-do list is growing by leaps and bounds.

Thanks for the inspiration!

Jane Eborall said...

The colour you've used on the top snowflake is stunning. Must find my credit card and give those number 40's a whirl. Oh, no, must use my lovely, lovely HDT first!!

Josie Passell said...

I love the colours of the top snowflake. It is going to be beautiful. The unusual leaf trimmed snowflake is amazing.
happy tatting

Susanne said...

Jon's snowflake is looking
awesome in that colour.

Vanessa said...

The leaf on the outside looks fantastic!

It gives it a bold and dramatic look.

God's Kid said...

I love the gorgeous color you are using on the Magic Moment Snowflake! And the leaves on the outside of the snowflake seem like a great idea-can't wait to see the finished project!
And the Valiere Square looks great too!
Have a great weekend! :)

Fox said...

I keep coming back to look at the leaf. I know I'm going to try it, but the TIME...! It is sooo pretty!
Fox : )