Saturday, February 19, 2011

Spring Tease

Two gorgeous spring-like days have given way to gusty winds and colder temperatures. Mother Nature's tease has got me thinking about Spring things, like these lovely eggs decorated by Polish tatter, Woalka.

Woalka saw eggs on Renulek's blog and shows hers as she watches closely for more shared patterns.

Once the ChocoLove Giveaway is over, I look forward to playing around with egg patterns too.


Ridgewoman said...

You would like Terry’s M’s tatted egg decorations and decorations for her bells. She has two books out that you would enjoy. They are very beautiful. bj

IsDihara said...

As it happens, I ordered one of Terry's books earlier today from Handy Hands!

Also, have you heard that HH has a new brand of bobbin shuttle for sale? It is called a PONY and is made in India.

woalka said...

Isdihara, thank you for the compliment. I'm a bit ashamed... I'm glad you like the egg :)

Monica said...

I own two pony shuttles, they are really very similar to aeros. I have even exchanged bobbins between the two, despite a slight height difference. The "tail" is a bit too wide to use for winding the bobbins, but nothing a nail file can't solve :-D