Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Tea Lovers! Stash Savings

Tatting Tea Tuesday participants drink a wide variety of beverages (coffee, diet coke, even beer) but for tea lovers who don't mind subscribing to save, a deal is being offered that may be of interest.

Stash Tea $1.61 Each Shipped
Source: Frugal Freebies & Deals web site
by frugal jen on February 1, 2011

Do you love tea? Right now you can get your choice
11 different flavors of Stash Teas for $1.61 each when you buy 6. This price is available when you choose the $11.38 sale price and take an extra 15% off with Subscribe and Save.

Your final price including shipping will be $9.67.

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Ridgewoman said...

I love Tea; but, to get it I would have to ask DH to brew the cup for me; and, I’m reluctant to ‘ask’ for things since he is the keeper of the house, home and wife! He is so busy cleaning, doing the wash, and running errands (and I know that’s work as I did it the first 50 years of our marriage). So, simple as asking would be; I’m reluctant. BUT I do like tea better than coffee (sorry coffee lovers ~ it smells so good; but, other than mocha coffee..well)
And I have a stash of tea, a collection of T-pots, and lovely tea-cups. sigh
In the summer I love unsweetened ice tea. Luzanne brand is my favorite. We used to ‘import’ it from Texas friends when we lived in California; but, we can get it here in NM. Looking out on my snow covered pine, a cuppa would be very good ~ instead I have bitter coffee.
But I have pomegranate juice as a palette refresher! xxxx bj