Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Little Pistachio Sins

Remember when I posted about macaroons to celebrate Macaroon Day?

Today I achieved my first macaroon baking success. Here are a few photos.

First successful meringue

Piped shells resting for 30 minutes

Here is what shells look like when you slide them straight into the oven without letting them rest first.

Now for a confession: I haven't yet assembled the macaroons. Every filling recipe calls for butter and heavy cream or whipping cream and I just don't want that kind of temptation during Lent.

Some macaroons are filled with jam or curd (as in lemon curd) but what flavor goes best with pistachio macaroons?

The recipes in Mad About Macarons suggest a pistachio buttercream or a dark chocolate ganache. Both sound sinfully delicious. But I need something else.

So I ponder (apricot? orange?) and nibble pistachio-and-air confections that are "little sins" in their own right.

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Crazy Mom! said...

I like lemon curd too