Tuesday, June 14, 2011

"What is so rare as a day in June?"

"Then, if ever, come perfect days.”
by James Russell Lowell (1819-1891)

Today I type from the playground on a beautiful, breezy sunny day. The kids are out in droves to PLAY!

The Sprout is in his favorite spot - the sandbox - scooping and sand-dozing with a shovel, bucket and a front-loader toy. We're at the Fantasy Playground, a wonderland of wooden bridges, tunnels, alcoves and nooks. A great place for imaginative play.

This Tatting Tea Tuesday finds me still in catch-up mode and dreaming of Palmetto Tat Days in September.

I managed to finally mail a notecard with the Margaret Daisy motif to Fox. (This photo is a teaser. You can barely see it sitting coyly beneath one of my teacups.)

See this awesome digital transfer I found on Etsy? Tea o'clock! Can't wait to put it on something. It just seems so suitable for a tatting frame of mind.

Would it be too abstruse (<-- word of the day!) to transfer this onto a t-shirt and print underneath: "It's always tatting time somewhere."
Irons in the Fire
I am working on a few tatting projects. One is a lanyard for my Tat Days ID tag. Another is an airplane for a baby onesie. I have completed samples for Doretha Albee's Rose Medalion and her original design using the SCMR (published in "Tatting Knots and Notes," Vol. 13, Issue 5, April 1999). I have started round 2 of Mindy Al-Aaraji's Clover Motif. Test tatting continues for Wanda's Heart's Honor bookmark. And last but not least is a split ring edging for a silly project I have been thinking about.

Normally working on multiple projects is the way I work best, but juggling is starting to frazzle my focus, so it is time to get 'em done.

Here are a few photos of these works in progress.


Fox said...

What a great T-shirt that would be! Not obscure at all!

Your tatting is so neat... that Lizbeth in #40 sure is nice!

Fox : )

tattrldy said...

Wow, you sure do have a lot of projects going! Oh, wait, so do I, but yours looks like there's progress. With as busy as you are I am impressed that you can take time to test tat for me. You will probably have a week or two to do other things while I finish the second part. It will help space them out;-) The plane looks great - so does the heart and the trim.

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

I love seeing the tatting peeking out from under the tea cup... almost makes me want a cup of tea! I think your t-shirt idea is wonderful. Are you taking orders? You probably don't have time with all the projects in the works, but I still want to be put on the order list. : )

Umintsuru said...

I noticed the tatting too under that pretty tea cup! Wow, that is quite a number of projects going on. Happy Tatting!

Gina said...

Great idea for the t shirt! And WHERE did you get that teacup shuttle????

Cindy said...

I also love the tatting peeking out from under the teacup - it looks so welcoming and relaxing! AND, I love the transfer - great idea.

It's so easy to get many things started, but so hard to finish sometimes! I get sidetracked so easily with all the ideas rumbling around in my head - at least you seem to focus on finishing :)

JB said...

I love the way you sneaked the pretty tatting under the tea cup. What pattern are you using for your lanyard?

Valerie said...

IsDihara, I must say I'd drooling over your cup (and tea) and the pretty little doily hiding under the cup! So pretty!

Interesting to see you enjoy juggling all the WIPs. Sometimes I do too, but mostly they drive me crazy because I keep forgetting I have WIPs stacked under and I start new ones. LOL

God's Kid said...

Love the flowers under the teacup! :)

Lelia said...

Oh my! You do juggle projects well

Thx for swinging by my humble blog. I don't have your e-mail address, so will reply here.

As for the pins, as I recall, they were fundraisers for the lace chapter b/c they were located at the table where you register. They also were selling tote bags w/their logo. I think the pins were $2/ea or 3/$5.00 ...

I could be mistaken.

there are e mail address links on the L.A.C.E. web site link here if you'd like to ask them directly.

enjoy the day! Always, L

Lelia said...

btw, do you actually use your decorated tatting shuttles?

I like them, I admire the ones I have; however, haven't actually used them for tatting!!

Always, L