Saturday, July 2, 2011

Irons in the Fire

It has been a busy week in my lil' corner of Tatland.

The 8 students at my beginning tatting class received kits with 3 samples of Lizbeth thread size 20, 2 shuttles (one Clover post and one German Aero bobbin), picot gauge, extra bobbin, corsage pin and a few other goodies.

All of them left the two-hour class having successfully made "the flip" and having tatted chains. A few of them completed their first 10-stitch ring. Three came back Saturday morning for some extra help after having frustrating experiences with stitches that stubbornly refused to flip.

This coming Thursday (July 7th) I hope they all return to learn picots, joins and combining rings and chains. They will also leave with a simple butterfly pattern and a few beginner patterns to try out their skills. (If they haven't already started their butterflies in class.)

Moving right along...

Remember this? I began Mindy Al-Aaraji's Clover Motif ©2003 on June 14 and have completed Round 1. (The Irish Crochet center was made by my sister Igoya.)

Golly, that white thread scans poorly, even with a pale fabric behind it. All threads are Lizbeth 20. (Christmas Green #638, Mint Light #689 and Snow White #601) What a high contrast piece!

In 2009, Martha Ess and Tatting Chic worked out a way to hide the color change in a Single Shuttle Split Ring. It was the perfect technique to use for a multi-color Round 1. Martha cleverly suggested adding the 4th shuttle to place the color exactly where I wanted it.

Please note, to tat Round 1 in one color requires only 2 shuttles wound CTM. To tat it in two colors, 3 shuttles are needed (but the split rings will be two colors). To get those split rings all one color required a 4th shuttle.

(Fox, see how my split rings are all wonky in this piece? They should be more even, but I am still quite thrilled with this effort.)

Martha, thank you for working out the 4th shuttle color option! And Jane, thank you for loaning your Brain Cell #3 to the task as well as preparing the SSSR Double Core tutorial. I couldn't have tatted Round 1 without you both. I love this technique!

Speaking of split rings, this 8/8 split ring chain is tatted in Lizbeth 40 Raspberry Frappé. It is a foundation chain for a ring trim braid that will be 36 inches (91.4 cm) long. The original necklace designed by Jane in South Africa is the pattern for a lanyard I hope to complete before Palmetto Tat Days 2011.

FYI, the shuttles are 2 1/2-inch Buffalo Horn Tatting Shuttles sold by LACIS.

This foundation chain is a perfect "on the go" tat. No pattern needed. And tatting a ring here and there really helps keep me from getting bored. The cell phone photo doesn't do these dreamy, creamy colors justice. They're perfect for a hot summer day!

Are you tatting this weekend? Whatever your plans, I hope you take time to create something beautiful. See you on Tuesday!


Tatfully Yours said...

Hope you have a great long weekend as we did here in Canada! Happy Birthday to our great countries!!

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

My goodness, you have been busy! I hope you and your students continue to have fun!

IsDihara said...

Thank you for your kind comments, but my students would not describe it as fun - yet. Only one has gotten her half hitches to flip consistently. Another has had near 95% success and the rest are having a frustrating time of it.

One keeps insisting that she wants to tat with a crochet hook.

It is quite a learning experience for all of us.

JB said...

That is a pretty motif.
Good luck with your tatting class. It is so rewarding when new students can do the flip.

Happy 4th of July.

Valerie said...

the challenge of the flip seems to be the hurdle for all tatting beginners. as long as they perservere, the ah-huh moment will come. hang in there, teacher. :)

Fox said...

Have a wonderful July 4th tomorrow!

Love the motif... very pretty.

Yes, hang in there, teach! You could possibly be changing the artistic path to be followed by your students for life!
Fox : )

แบบเต็มของสีและความสุข said...

Try not to worry over your fledgling new eggs.....just remember to have fun! I am very proud of you for this new venture, think I can start a new venture too? ( The foray into dance?) How many little clovers more do you think you will need again ?


Vanessa said...

The clover pattern and the crochet look gorgeous together!