Monday, August 1, 2011

Eye, Eye, Capt. and ♥ from Postie!

On Monday, the human residents of Silly Hat Central had eye exams, so we drove to the nearest Metro station and rode the "city train" to visit the Optometrist.

The Sprout and I both did great! His eyesight is exactly where the doctor wanted it to be and no change for me since last year. Big Daddy has officially joined the Progressive Lenses Club for Men.

The Sprout really enjoyed riding the Metro and asked if we could take more trips on the city train. "Can we go to the Aquarium on the city train? I want to see killer whales and sharks."

Alas, we had to explain the "city train" only travels around the city. The closest killer whales were in Florida.**

We stopped by the outlet mall on the way home to buy a pair of Crocs on inventory clearance. Here they are.

I don't know what is more exciting, the fact that they are for me or that with the money I saved I decorated them with Harry Potter Sorting Hat, Gryffindor Crest and Goofy Jibbits. If only they had tatting shuttle Jibbitz!

The Sprout donned this Pirates of the Caribbean hat in the Disney Outlet and had us grinning from ear to ear. (That's a shark on his crocs.)

♥ from Postie
Two parcels arrived via post on Monday while we were out.

And three gorgeous skeins of Lady ShuttleMaker's HDT!

The arrival of these parcels couldn't have been better timed. Inside the box were these beauties.

Suffice it to say, as thunder rolls and lightning crashes outside I am happily unwinding Helm's Deep HDT and loading up new shuttles for their first tat.

One is called "Tea for Two" and the other, "Pretty Pansies." Both the HDT and the shuttles are more enchanting than the photos can portray.  Squeee!

** This past weekend I learned that SeaWorld in Aurora, OH, and Geauga Lake had both closed down in 2007. Both places held fond memories from my own childhood. How disappointing to not share these attractions with The Sprout.


Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

There is something magical about a train ride. Are you sure there are not train rides to see killer whales and sharks?

I hope you enjoy your Emsyjane shuttles as much as I do. I know you'll love your HDT!

Cindy said...

Love your new shuttles and HDT! I especially love the pansies - they are just happy flowers. I just got some Helm's Deep too - but I have to find just the right thing to use it on . . . what are your plans for it? And plans for the treebeard? I love that colorway, but didn't get that one.

I should quit admiring shuttles and thread and actually TAT something :)


Fox said...

Love that crazy pic of The Sprout behind the lenses!

And the Crocs are great.

Ohhh - nice goodies! Enjoy! The pansy shuttles are particularly beautiful.

Like me, I see you have discriminatingly good taste in in the petal power department!
Fox : ))

Miranda said...

Love the pansy shuttle! And, hey, those thread colors look familiar! What are your plans for them?