Thursday, August 11, 2011

Score One for Charlie Brown

Oh, ha ha!  What a marvelous treat I found in my mailbox today. An unexpected letter from Lily! (Aren't these simply THE BEST sort of surprises?)

Just a little, hand-addressed envelope. So very exciting to open and read! I was immediately time-shifted back to younger days when I would anxiously await letters from far-away pen pals.

This letter was every bit, if not more, exciting than those. It felt a bit bumpy in spots and I immediately thought, "Lily sent me tatting!"

I ran. I kid you not, RAN home to open the letter.

Sounds silly right? But having an appreciation for the time, effort, energy and love that goes into a hand-made piece of tatting, I get excited when someone sends some to me. Don't you?

Here's what I saw as I opened the contents:

Not sure if you can see the round, embossed spots in the regular intervals...can you make out the barest hint of an outlined shape in the paper?

Okay, okay, enough stalling. Ta-daah!

Oh Lily, these are even more bright, bold and beautiful in Peacock Blues than I could have ever imagined. And the gold beads and wires accentuate the lace to perfection. Your stitches are impeccable. Stunning! I will wear them proudly and think of your generosity every time I do.

It all started back on July 30 with this comment on Lily's blog:

Thank you, Lily, from the bottom of my Peanuts-lovin' heart.

I accept this spectacular gift in honor of Charlie Brown. This time Lucy didn't pull away the football. This time he kicked it through the goal post.


Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

Beautiful! And can you believe it... they're in the perfect color!

Karrieann said...

It is exciting to get letters and surprises in the mailbox... especially when it is addressed to you personally!

Hubby and I secretly hand write love letters to each other and secretly mail them without the other knowing. Today in fact, I got one of those letters from my Guy! It uplifted my day!

AND yes Diane would say that it the perfect color... of course!

Katherinne McKay said...

Funny, when I read "Ta-daah!" I heard the sound bite from Windows 98 (which, instead of "You've got mail" was my e-mail notification on AOL, lol).

Love the earrings! Lily did a really nice job on them! ^^

Ladytats said...

ooooohhh lucky you, Lily made very pretty earrings.

Sharren - Tatting in Greenwood, South Carolina said...

Beautiful! What a lovely "letter!"

tattrldy said...

You lucky girl, you! They look beautiful! Lily did a great job on them.