Thursday, September 1, 2011

Do You Have Threadophilia?

The inspiration for today's post comes from Spinning Daily

Don't be shocked, but occasionally I read blogs on topics other than tatting. When I do they are generally fiber, fabric or book related.

So when Spinning Daily asked if I was a yarnophiliac, I said yes! Their marketing e-mail offered a prescription-free cure. I chuckled at the clever spin (← pun), but quickly converted "yarnophilia" into a more lace-worthy disorder.

Threadophilia: A deep love of and abnormal obsession with thread.

Unrepentant thread junkies (like me) embrace our condition. We don't need a cure!

But let's take things one step further, shall we?

: A deep love of and abnormal obsession with tatting.

Now that's what I'm bloggin' 'bout.


Julie Romero said...

LOL!!! I often wonder if I have an obsessive disorder because I can't seem to stop accumulating thread...I have more than I can possibly get through and yet I continually "collect" more :-) The voices in my head tend to see a ball I don't have and scream "must buy thread" at me!!! At least you have given us a name for it!

Ladytats said...

we Tatophiliacs don't need help, it is the rest of the population who do. He He

why is it we have the disorder? seems to me we are the sane ones, and the rest of the pop. are the insane ones, they should have a disorder.

so if excessive acquiring of thread makes you a threadophiliac, and loving tatting makes you a Tatophiliac would acquiring shuttles make you a shuttlephiliac?

if so, then I have 3 disorders and that should make me a carrier right?

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

Most definitely! If I tatted all day, every day, I'd never get through my stash... yet I can't stop buying when I see a new color!

tattrldy said...

And I thought I that I was a tattaholic. So I don't have to worry about withdrawal, just hope no-one finds a cure!

Suztats said...

I've been infected!

Anonymous said...

I could say the same thing Diane said

btw, I just placed another (thread) order this week... can rest a bit easier now as I've been informed it has already shipped out (LOL)