Friday, March 16, 2012

Tatting Tea Tuesday - The Big Reveal

Well, aren't I God's own fool for promising a Tatting Tea Tuesday post and not delivering until the end of the week?

Last weekend the tatting got finished (and the tea got drunk), but the steam-set of the lace didn't happen until Tuesday evening. Tuesday and Wednesday were gorgeous sunny days so we went outside to enjoy them. Excuses, excuses...

Without further adieu, *drumroll*

Regal Snowflake © 2011 La Cossette
Tatted by Is'Dihara

Motif #13 Regal Snowflake
The big reveal is Regal Snowflake, designed by La Cossette and tatted in Lizbeth® 20 Snow White #601. Pale blue Swarovski crystals and blue seed beads enhance the crystalline effect.

Jeff Hamilton, is this the project you commented "looks suspiciously like the snowflake I hope to tat really soon?"

My first snowflake for a 2012 Christmas tree charity project for the Piedmont Lace Guild of Virginia turned out pretty well. (White lace is such a challenge to photograph!)

If only my scanner would get over its bad self and start talking to the wireless network again.

Gossip Alert
Have you seen the Custom/Commemorative shuttle La Cossette has up in her shop? You might recognize the image...La Cossette - Etsy Made to Order


Stephanie said...

I do believe that is the most elegant snowflake I've ever seen. Beautiful! The pale blue crystals and beads are the perfect touches. Can't wait to see the tree decorated!

IsDihara said...

Stephanie, you make me blush! Thank you for your kind compliments.

I agree that this flake is most elegant. Most elegant indeed!

Fox said...

Blue beads are great! Really add pizazz to the snowflake in white.
Fox : )

God's Kid said...

Absolutely stunning!! :)

Margarets designer cards said...

Stunning, gorgeous pattern

Bree at "Bree's Way" said...

Incredibly beautiful! Just in awe of this, both in design, and in color choice and construction! Truly eye candy!!

Crazy Mom! said...

This is lovely - and your picots are so even and nice.

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

What?! It's not Tuesday any more? Then I must be on spring break... yippee!

Your snowflake is stunning! I love the addition of the Swarovski crystals... perfect!

Jeff Hamilton said...

That's the very same snowflake I was talking about. Seeing your preview inspired me to get my version tatted. I hope to show it soon. You did an awesome job of tatting it.

Valerie said...

Lovely and definitely has a royal feel!

Frivole said...

It's looking just perfect! Beautifully tatted.