Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Peacock Blues to the Rescue

How did (do) lacers do it?  Spend hours upon hours creating lace using only white threads?

I admit with pride that I am a "color girl" when it comes to lace.  Tatting multiple snowflakes in white lasted only for two -- adding colored beads to help break up the monotony.

The thought of loading up my new shuttle with more white thread damped my enthusiasm, so it was Lizbeth® 40 Peacock Blues to the rescue!

Here is the outer round of Celtic Snowflake © 2012 Jane Eborall.  I wanted to have completed this round before taking photos, but time waits for noone.  Almost done...on the final repeat.

Jane's pattern calls for beads, but I got so focused on winding this gorgeous blue thread that I forgot to add them, so this round will be plain.

 And another photo showing the lovely color in morning light.  Oh color, how I love thee!


Fox said...

So vibrant! You didn’t even need the beads!
Fox : )

Miranda said...

Yes! Now I know what thread I'm going to take on vacation with me!

Valerie said...

this snowflake round is looking deliciously blue, and very nice!

Jane McLellan said...

Wonderful colour! I love colour too, there are so many beautiful colours, it seems a pity to restrict oneself. This blue thread is so gorgeous, it doesn't need beads.

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

I do love Peacock Blues! It looks so nice coming off your new shuttle!

tattrldy said...

Oh, I agree. One pattern can look dramatically different when using color or colors instead of white. This one looks striking in those blues. Using this thread with your new shuttle - how could you not be happy while you tat?

God's Kid said...

Your snowflake is looking amazing already!! :)
I too love colors, but have a little trouble convincing myself to tat snowflakes in color since I love white snow(but the beautiful color tatted ones I have seen may help me to get past the white only snowflakes).