Friday, June 22, 2012

Nose to the Ground Stone 2

Another Friday night progress report on my beginning Torchon bobbin lace lessons.  This is lesson 2, take 2, where we added more colors and observed how they traveled.  I did it!  I finished within 7 days.

Ready to prep lesson three -- a diamond strip with spiders.  But I won't get farther than the pricking until after the Independence Day holiday (in the US).

Color me happy, in lavender, variegated pinks and green!


Crazy Mom! said...

Looks terrific!

You're making excellent progress.

Fox said...

I just realized that in my mind I say the word “Torchon” like this : Torture-on!!! No wonder I get shingles when I think of that kind of lace-making! You are full of valour, my good tatting friend!
Fox ; ))

IsDihara said...

Fox, your comment about shingles really took me by you remember how fast you picked up tatting?!?

I am firmly of the belief that if someone handed you a beginner bobbin lace kit you would be blazing trails faster than a speeding bullet!

But thank you, and Crazy Mom too, for your kind comments. *blush*