Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Tatting Tea Tuesday - Election Day & Carpool Trauma

Since Tatting Tea Tuesday fell on Election Day, Sw4nkyL4c3r and I decided to spend a few hours together tatting. Tatting is always more enjoyable when done together and what a pleasant Election Day treat!

Sw4nkyL4c3r and I drove over to her mom's house to sit with her bed-ridden stepfather, so that her mom could go vote.  Her stepfather is in the late stage Alzheimer's so Mamma Sw4nkyL4c3r rarely interacts with ambulatory/vocal adults. I believe our visit was a welcome respite for her. And it was a lovely tat-n-chat at her kitchen table.

Before long it was time to pick up The Sprout from Kindergarten. What should have been a calm carpool routine was quite unexpectedly interrupted.  I was walking around the van to buckle The Sprout into his car seat when very loud wailing rent the air.

What happened?!? The Sprout bonked his nose unexpectedly on an armrest in the car while showing off for his 4th grade carpool buddy. There was no swelling, no blood, no mark at all.  But you would have thought The Sprout's nose had been ripped off his face.

The most alarming part was watching the him punch himself in the nose repeatedly while huge tears streamed down his face.  He was crying so hard I couldn't understand him.  All I could do was hold his punching arm, maneuver him so I could examine his face and try to hug away the hurt.

He continued to cry the whole way home. The 4th grader looked very sheepish the whole time, so I suspect she may have had something to do with the incident, but she didn't own up to anything.  And The Sprout didn't tell on her, so I cannot say for sure what her role might have been.

I was at a loss for how to deal with the situation.

Once The Sprout was sufficiently calmed, I took him to a book fair and bought him some new books. It was a school fund-raiser so I didn't think it was spoiling him too much.

There were no nose-bonking or wailing relapses for the rest of the evening, but I wonder if I should be speaking to a doctor of some sort about The Sprout's punching himself in the face?

Any more seasoned moms out there who can comment on this type of behavior?


Julie Romero said...

I'd say if it doesn't hurt badly today to let it go...noses can hurt so terribly at initial bonking that perhaps your sprout was trying to get that horrendous pain to go away. I have seen my older child slapping a "sleeping" limb when it tingles. It seems similar.

Glad you got a nice tat and chat over election day. Sounds like a lovely time.

shannon_in_love said...

well. i know my six year olds do that. for mine they think they are just too tough....until they hurt themselves. then they stop.

Jane Eborall said...

Oh, poor Sprout. He'll be fine. Don't panic until it happens at least three times and then don't panic. He sounds a perfectly normal little chap to me. Seen far worse behaviour in classrooms and other situations over the year. Give him a big hug from an OG.

Martha said...

I agree with Jane. One isolated case of a kid acting weird, like you suspect likely has a cause you just don't know about, but shouldn't repeat. He seemed like a normal kid when I met him.

Margarets designer cards said...

Poor sprout, I am sure he was trying to get noticed, and I am sure if there was no blood and no mark, it was just a cry to get attention. Don't worry unless he does it again then I think his anger over hitting his face on the car seat was taken up by hitting himself in the fa e to get attention
Kids do all sorts of things to get attention.

Ladytats said...

sounds like a boy who embarrassed himself. Might he have a crush on the girl? sprout he may be, but you never know what the rest of the playground has been saying.
don't panic. if it was something to worry about, it would have showed up before now.

glad you had some good tatting and chatting. and good on you to sit for a bit so the caregiver could get out and about.