Wednesday, January 16, 2013

TIAS 2013, Ruffled Heart & Dalek Update

2013 TIAS Intrepid Day 2
It warms my heart to see so many tatters enjoying Jane Eborall's 2013 Tat It And See. The guesses are starting to take shape just like the tatting. It is not too late to join in the fun!

My Day 2 entries are pictured above.  Whatsit #1 in Lizbeth® 20 #168 Latte Foam is on the left, directly underneath the diagram.  Whatsit #2 in Lizbeth® 20 # 125 Sea Scape is the second one on the right. Jane gave us the choice of climbing out to round 2 (the Intrepid path) or cutting and tying to avoid a split chain/split ring combo (the Cautious path).  I chose the Intrepid path. 

This silly cartoon camel was intended to represent my Day 2 guess, but my computer refused to cooperate. I thought perhaps we might be tatting his hump?  Seeing the poor, dreamy-eyed duffer up a tree makes me laugh!

Last but not least is a snapshot of my sick Sprout's progress on his Dalek ornament. He was pushing brads through the felt (a fine motor skill exercise) to help stave off boredom while home with strep throat and an ear infection.

Poor Sprout!  His first-ever case of strep throat quickly turned ugly.  Thirty-six hours after diagnosis he developed a scarletina rash over the lower half of his body.  Scarletina rash is also known by another name:  Scarlet Fever.  Antibiotics are doing their work, but it has been a draining few days.

I will begin embroidering details once the brads are all set.


tattrldy said...

Another intrepid tatter! Makes us feel so special, doesn't it? Both your TIAS look good. I love the camel, it does make you smile.

So sorry to hear the Sprout is so sick. It wasn't that long ago that scarlet fever could have serious consequences. Good thing there are now antibiotics to take for it! Wishing him a speedy recovery.

Ladytats said...

Sorry to hear that Sprout is ill. Hoping his recovery is quick.

Using all the techniques at our disposal makes tatting really fun.

just have to get mine posted.

StringyDogs said...

No mom has it easy, but -- Gee Whiz! -- Scarlet Fever? Oy. I am so sorry. I hope his progress continues to speed forward.

Loved the camel. I have known 1 or 2 cats that would rest on a railing that way. Looked uncomfortable to me, but they loved it.

JB said...

Oh no, I am praying for sprout a speedy recovery.

The Dalek is so cool. Where did you get the pattern? Sprout is doing a great job on it.