Thursday, May 9, 2013

Motif 21 - Pram Pride

IsDihara's TIAS 2013 complete!
These darling baby carriages will count as Motif 21 for my 25 Motif Challenge. 

For those who like to know, here are the threads I used to create these cuties: 

Lizbeth 20 #168 Latte Foam for the body of the pram on the left.
Lizbeth 20 #125 Sea Scape for the body of the pram on the right.
Lizbeth 20 #603 Ecru for the wheels and handles.

What does your pram say about you?  
Mine say that I LOVED tatting January's mysterious and whimsical TIAS.  It was brilliant!  The releases kept me guessing well past the half-way mark. (It is the guessing that I like most of all.)

In fact, I stopped tatting on the last installment to tackle Sapling's 6th birthday party and a few other real-life bits, but kept putting it off JUST so the fun wouldn't end. (Crazy logic, I know.)  Eventually they called to me to be tidied up and taken out for a stroll.

Merci mille fois, Jane, for giving us this delightful game to play. It sure was fun!

Here is a quick guide for deciphering what your baby's actions are when in an outward-facing pram.  If the person walking toward you:
  • Smiles or comments about how cute your child is = Baby is asleep.
  • Gives you pitying looks = Baby is crying.
  • Looks of horror = Baby is covered in vomit or the wind has stuck a crisp packet to it’s face
(I found these amusing tips on a blog post entitled "What does your pram say about you?") 

And last, but not least, is this image of the limited edition BMW Pram Royal Baby Stroller. I hadn't seen it before. Apologies if your little corner of Tat Land has been inundated with it.



Jane Eborall said...

Big thanks from the OG for taking part. Without people like you who take part there'd be no point for me to get up in the mornings during January and February!

Ladytats said...

those are nice prams. the pic at the bottom, so way over done. I would be embarrassed to put my kid in it.

Marilee Rockley said...

Both prams are lovely!

Margarets designer cards said...

Lovely prams, I still have not done mine yet must get down to it soon

tattrldy said...

Your baby carriages look great. The Seafoam thread made an interesting pattern, didn't it? I'm going to have to make at least one of these soon for friends that are expecting. They won't tell anyone that it's anything but a baby so the colors will have to be other than pink or blue.
The picture of the 'royal' pram is pretty funny. Just try putting that in the back of the car! (oh, yeah, they would have the help do that! Maybe a special trailer just for the pram, ya think?)