Thursday, October 18, 2018

Mattie the Battie and a Fall Flake

I discovered yesterday that Fox has stopped blogging.  It made me sad.  Of course I understand, because Instagram is a good deal faster for posting photos, but still, sitting down to the computer for a leisurely blog stroll is a guilty pleasure.  I will miss reading her blog.

So I am posting my most recent tats for those of you who (like me) still enjoy reading the tatting blogs.  My latest creation is a Fall Snowflake, designed by Robin Perfetti, called Solstice.  

Solstsice Snowflake © 2014 Robin Perfetti
Tatted by IsDihara

It is gloriously rich with blazing Autumn color.  The second round required three (3) shuttles to accomplish the color placement.  Overly complicated? Yes but the results speak for themselves.

Threads used are Flora 20 variegated yellow, Lizbeth 20 Harvest Orange Medium #694, Lizbeth 20 Autumn Spice #136 and Lizbeth 20 Christmas Red #671.

Free pattern available here:

Next is Mattie the Battie, designed by Erin Holloway-Moseley.  Erin shares a photo in her pattern of the real Mattie - her mother!  It is a free Halloween Tatting pattern shared on BellaOnline:

Mattie the Battie © 2013 Erin Holloway
Tatted by IsDihara

Georgia Seitz has this to say about Mattie the Battie:
Double Ten!!! In many cultures, the tenth day of the tenth month is considered a lucky day. And luckily for us, Erin Holloway-Moseley is sharing her tatted bat pattern. It is named "Mattie the Battie" in honor of her mother (see photo.) In Chinese, the word for good luck is pronounced "fu" and it sounds like the word for bat,"fu". Thus bats are lucky. Enjoy!
My bat is photographed before getting a block-and-steam "spa treatment" so eagle-eyed viewers will notice that the wings aren't even.  No worries!  It will all work out. Should I make Mattie into an Ice Drop bat?

Here she is with a red stone tucked into the approximate spot:

Mattie the Battie © 2013 Erin Holloway
Tatted by IsDihara

The gem is a bit small and would slide around once encased, so I don't think I will.  But I will be on the lookout for a larger red gem...

In these days leading up to Halloween, I wish you many happy tatting moments.  Trick or Treat!


Jane McLellan said...

Yes, it’s a shame bloggers like Fox and Jon Yusoff are not blogging any more. Your autumn flake is lovely. Battie just in time for Halloween.

Jane Eborall said...

I LOVE blogs so hope you keep blogging. I don't really 'do' Facebook and Instagram is somewhere I go to from time to time too. Blogs are my favourite as I can read people's real thoughts and share my own without having to be answerable to anyone. Shame about Fox but that's her choice.

Margarets designer cards said...

Yes it’s a shame she has stopped blogging, I did love her blog and Mr G
I love your snowflake gorgeous colours.
I hate Bats but yours looks friendly

IsDihara said...

Rest assured, my bat is very friendly, Margaret!

Ninetta said...

Thank you for blogging! I love blogs and I've learned almost everything I know about tatting from you all nice bloggers! I absolutely agree with you and miss Fox's blog! But I also like Fb, it's nice to get in touch with other tatters in my own language. Love both your snowflake and the bat!

God's Kid said...

Great snowflake and bat!!! :)
I love the blogs and really miss all those who stop blogging!

West Pine Creations said...

Your snowflake is wonderful. Too bad, people stopped blogging. I love to read and write blogs and noticed the decrease in traffic. So sad.

Marilee Rockley said...

Very pretty color results for the Solstice snowflake! Such nice, warm colors make me feel better about the colder days coming.

Elegant bat! Interesting story about the lucky 10.

IsDihara said...

Ninetta, I was surprised to read your comment about learning almost everything you know from bloggers. Not that bloggers don't know and share amazing amounts of tips, techniques and sources. But because you are one of the easiest tatters to learn FROM! Keep doing what you do because you inspire us all.

erin said...

Issy, I showed Mattie this post and she loved it! The red head is what did it for her...she has a thing for gingers (having been one herself). I think an ice drop would be lovely! We get ice in the fall, too.

The fall flake is festive, indeed. However, I am now reminded it is a tish over two months til Christmas and I have much tatting to do! Yikes!

Hugs to you and yours!

muskaan said...

It's a Sunflake !!! Beautiful in all 'departments'.

Bloggers are a dying breed, unfortunately. Probably requires too much time and commitment? Yet blogging, to me, is the most 'open' forum which is why I will continue despite having a whole other world of tatters active on their individual social networking sites/groups.
The more the www brings u together, the more it segregates us - ironically.