Saturday, June 27, 2009

Chantilly Border Pattern

Squeeee! I'm so excited. The editors of PieceWork magazine have granted me permission to post the Chantilly Border pattern they featured on page 41 of their May/June 2009 issue.

They requested that I link back to PieceWork May/June 2009 issue as well as the web page with more information about purchasing Weldon’s Practical Needlework.

And they wanted you to know, Trish Faubion tatted the border for the magazine article using Presencia® Fincrochet, size 10, in Ecru.

Here is the pattern posted in diagram form as well as in shorthand notation. All rights reserved. Not to be reprinted.

You should know, DH created this diagram from my hastily scrawled Post-it® sketch. Adding the stitch counts was my job. They are incomplete, but I couldn't force my eyes to focus any longer and had to go to bed. Hubby's Photoshop skills are so much better than mine. I am begging for tips on how to diagram in Photoshop.

Special thanks to Trish Faubion and PieceWork magazine.

Will you be tatting up this delicate vintage pattern? If so, I'd be thrilled if you could share a photo so I can see your work. Enjoy!


Fox said...

Congratulations! How exciting!
Love this little border - Thanks for posting the pattern! I am going to try and find the time...... : ) Fox

IsDihara said...

Fox, thanks so much for your kind enthusiasm. If you succeed in finding the time to try this pattern, I'd love to see your edging efforts.

Barbara Gordon said...

I have the Pieceworks magazine, but thanks for sharing it with all of us. Nice job to and congratulations on getting it in the magazine to.