Sunday, February 21, 2010

Flame Lantana Ho! UPDATED

Ahoy me hearties! Silly Hat Central is awash in deck swabbin', net and sail hangin' and lots of timber me' shiverin' today, so that the only ones who be walkin' the plank tomorrow for The Sprout's Dread Pirate party be scurvy dogs!

On Tuesday I be sharin' a peek of the latest treasure from Tatskool - the fiery Flame Lantana hand-dyed thread. Oh, it be fine and proper loot for a pirate!

If ye not be back, then I be sendin ya to Davey Jones' Locker! Aaaarrrggghh!

Avast! Ye know you're on deck when ye see me Jolly Roger! The snow be no hindrance.

And the deck hands be playin' games of chance.

Arrr, it be good t' be a pirate, argh! Be sure t' come back Tuesday for ROY treasure -- Flame Lantana HDT.


Ridgewoman said...

Ah Channeling Capt. Jack? LOL
The thread is lovely, aren't you fortunate to get to use it first. Woo Hoo!

Gina said...

Does the sprout share my sister's birthday (20th)?'s hoping they don't send YOU over the gangplank!

AKTATTER said...

Karen! What a lovely surprise I received in the mail today. I just love the tea set and can't wait to try it out. The tiny teacups are so delicate and just right for "Tea for Two." I'll be toasting you in tea tonight when I enjoy the first tea blossom. Thank you so much.
AKA National Treasure :)

IsDihara said...

Ridgetatter, Aye, ye caught me red-handed. I cain't pass up a thread opportunity, especially when I get plenty o' color theory in th' process.

No, Gina, Sprout had a birthday on February 10, but th' snow shut everythin' below 'n we put it off 'til this day. And I dinna walk the plank, har, har, har!

Georgia, it just doesn't seem right to respond to your lovely comment in Pirate Speak. So glad your package arrived in one piece! Nothing broken, I hope? Enjoy it all!

tattrldy said...

Love the decorations! I'll bet the Sprout had a wonderful party. Hope no hands were lost over the side!

IsDihara said...

Thanks, tattrldy! We had so much fun we (Capt. Skunkbeard and I) collapsed in exhausted heaps after the last guest went home.

Of course, Dread Pirate Sprout was all fired up and rarin' for more...we managed to get him wound down and ready for bed around 10:00 PM! (That's WAY past his bedtime. It's a pirates life, eh?)

Tatskool said...

Sounds like a WONDERFUL party, the game looks fun and the decor is brilliant.