Tuesday, March 16, 2010

"Hope" is the Word

Ready for more Knot-Tea Fun?

Dedicated to All Tatters Everywhere
Lyrics adapted from:
Grease, "You're the One That I Want"

Hope © 2010 Sherry Pence


I got Hope, it's multiplyin', and I'm losin' control.
Cause the power it's supplyin', is butterflyin'!

You better shape up, cause I need to tat, and my goal is set on you.
You better shape up, get your tools in hand, to my lace I must be true.


You're the one that I want, ooh ooh ooh, flutter
The one that I want , ooh ooh ooh, flutter
The one that I want (you are the one I want), ooh ooh ooh,
The one I need (the one I need), oh yes indeed (yes indeed)

25 Motif Challenge
Hope was tatted using size 40 Lizbeth threads, in black #604 and Falling Leaves #100. It will be counted as motif 10 in my 25 Motif Challenge.

Thank you, LadyShuttleMaker, for sharing this inspirational pattern. And more thanks to Tatskool, for all the beautiful butterflies she has been posting on her blog. And how could I forget Wanda (Wanda's Knotty Thoughts), Jeff Hamilton (Bridge City Tatting) and Cindy (A Happy Bluebird). Their Hope butterflies rock!!

Don't be surprised if a few more of these flutters fly off my shuttles in the days to come. They are quick, fun and keep me thinking of Spring.

Tatting Tea Tuesday
Now that you all have Knot-Tea song lyrics stuck in your heads, it's time to settle in for a nice Afternoon Tat.

And by that I mean a sneak peek from Heather, the Tarnished Tatter's forthcoming book!

Large Swan © 2010 Heather Johnston

I tatted this large swan in Lizbeth size 40 Black #604 with hematite seed beads. Sadly, at the time I wasn't aware that black swans have red beaks.

Must make another one and give her a proper red beak.

Also, I have a white swan to show but haven't gotten her scanned yet. Watch for the white swan to be added later today.

Thank you, Heather, for granting me permission to post photos in advance of the book's publication date.

Wishing you all blissful me time to create something beautiful.

See you next Tuesday for more communi-tea!

1 comment:

Tatskool said...

Your Hope looks ready to fly away,love the colours,.. your swan ready to swim away...red beak or not... he looks happy enough...great design, The beads make it come to life.
Great work.

Now we will all be singing, you're the one that I want!