Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Motif 22 - Ruffled Heart

Ruffled Heart © 2009 Dr. Vickie Clarke

Motif 22: Ruffled Heart
Just in time for Valentine's Day, the January 31st Online Tatting Class examined Set Stitch - also called half stitch or node stitch. Homework was VicTat's Ruffled Heart.

The arches in my first try were a bit off-kilter and the motif had obvious chain joins so I tatted it again, this time reversing the colors. Both hues look balanced.

I loved tatting these romantic darlings! They both measure 1 x 1.25 inches (2.5 cm x 3.2 cm) and have been on my "must tat" list for 2 years.

I used samples of Altin Basak 50, a Turkish 3-ply thread, in a lovely copper (AB#355) and a bluesy-purple (AB#336). They are threads that I had been hoarding saving for the perfect project. TypsTatting sent them to me through The Thread Exchange.

Thank you, TypsTatting, for sharing these awesome samples!

Almost Party Time!
It is a busy week here at Silly Hat Central. The Sprout turns 4 on Thursday, February 10th. He is super-excited about this birthday and wants to celebrate every day.

Last year we threw him a Dread Pirate Party. This year it is to be an Angry Birds Bash.

Angry Birds? Unless you have played the game on a touch-screen mobile phone or an iPad, you probably haven't heard of it, I'm guessing.

A bakery will laser-screen an Angry Birds image onto his cake and I have a plan for embellishing cupcakes with home-made Angry Birds-themed toppers. We are prepared to play a round or three of live-action Angry Birds for party games. But it will be a less elaborate party than last year. We're improvising.

Check out this fully detailed Angry Birds cake. (Shared via Gadgetsin.com, who got it from Geeky Gadgets touching Angry Birds Cake Source.) Gotta love the viral nature of the Internet, eh?

Anyway! The cake was created by Anya Richardson for her 8-year-old son in November 2010. She posted her photo on Flikr and the rest is history.


Crazy Mom! said...

I'm jonesin' for an iPhone just to get Angry Birds. Seriously.

The lovely hearts would make pretty pins!

sewmuchfun4 said...

Your renditions of the Ruffled Heart pattern are BEAUTIFULLY done! I have tried the node stitch for a leaf stem - it SEEMED simple enough - it wasn't what it seemed! I love the look of them though!

Happy Birthday to Young Master Sprout! I'm afraid I'll never look at the cardinals who frequent our backyard the same... I forgot to buy birdseed today... I hope they don't get ANGRY!!!

By the way, Downton Abbey is SO GOOD! I really like the feel you get for that time period - hope I can get it all watched before the 22nd. I was so surprised to see Phyllis Logan in the cast. My husband and I were big Lovejoy fans. Did you catch that series? We have the first season on DVD.

:) Ann

Typstatting said...

I am glad that you liked the colours and they look great in the motif! Mind you I like the first try colour it seems to stand out better what do you think?

Tattingrid said...

The motifs are very nice. You really got it into a "heart-shape". I find that difficult. Congratulations with your boy. He will certainly enjoy his party.

Fox said...

That cake... hilarious! Tickles my fancy.

You did a fine job with that pattern. I recall that I needed several runs at the thing to get the hang of the node stitch! Yours looks great!
Fox : )

Tatskool said...

Angry Birds is just the cleverest time waster I have ever seen. I blame my lack of tatting and blogging totally on this game!
The cake is wonderful.Hope he has a great party and appreciates his sensational mum.

IsDihara said...

Thanks to you all for such kind comments! I am still working on getting the two curves "perfectly perfect," but the second Tat is pretty close.

Tips tatting, yes I liked the first try better until the spotty joins were pointed out to me. Then I had to fix them.

Tatskool and Ann, Downton Abbey was so thoroughly engrossing that I sat glued to my computer chair through four straight episodes. Season two cannot come fast enough.

Angry Birds really is an ingenious time waster, I totally agree. It is such fun to build up structures, hiding plush toys in and around for the "piggies" and toss other plush "angry birds" to knock it all down. Fun for the whole family!

No, we did not buy the Angry Birds branded plush toys. It has been more fun to use our imaginations with toys on hand.