Thursday, June 2, 2011

Motif 24 - Nelson Edging

Tying up a few loose ends before jumping into new tatting projects: can you believe I forgot to count Nelson Edging in my 25 motif challenge?

I posted about finishing the socks on April 26, but didn't count the edging toward my 25 Motif Challenge.

March 23 - A Time for Tatting

March 1 - Edging Toward Spring

You can see that this project took nearly two months for me to complete. This is a result of "catch as catch can" tatting and is in no way a reflection on Orsi's edging.
Nelson was a joy to tat!

Tatting with small children requires a bit of flexibility. You make the best of whatever tatting time is available. It comes in small snatches, like while you are waiting for the dryer buzzer to go off or for a pot of water to boil. Or after the kidlet(s) are tucked into their beds. Is this why so many tatters of yore kept a shuttle in their apron pocket?

A Brain Cloud?
Lapses of attention are becoming increasingly problematic. Even a bit alarming. (I forgot to buckle The Sprout into the car seat again today. And this time he reminded me while we were on a highway!) I walk around my house in circles because I put something down and can't find it. I search for words and can't remember if I leave things on. Am I losing my mind?

Luckily I found this article online that helped assuage my fears: Pay attention to your fuzzy thinking. Time for some pampering and extra sleep. YAY!


Crazy Mom! said...

Stress makes me fuzzy. That, and lack of sleep.

I've walked around looking for my keys when I had them in my hand. Moe has begun coughing "Blonde!" when I do that.

Cindy said...

Pamper yourself - you bet! (Maybe you need a glass of wine after all . . .)

tatting-marie said...

We all go through that from time to time. (Just too many things on our mind and trying to do many things at once.)

tatting-marie said...

We all go through that at one time or another. (Trying to do too many things at one time or we have many things on our mind at the same time.)

RandaGray said...

As the mother of almost 2 year old "Untatter", I can honestly say that's EXACTLY why they carried shuttles in their pockets! I carry one in my purse, another in a project bag, & on those sweat pants kind of days I carry one in them, too!
Enjoy your sleep & pampering...

God's Kid said...

Your edging looks great! :)

Fox said...

I was going to post a comment here, but I have forgotten who you are...

...where am I....?

Eliz Davis aka Tatknot said...

I learned to tat while pregnant with my youngest. I took a little ziplock bag everywhere with me. I tatted a ring here, a chain there--even learned to put a ring down in the middle to be finished at a better time. It helped me to be more patient. I could linger over a meal with my children, tatting and chatting while they ate. Those are now very precious memories. Thank you for reminding me of them.

Now, enjoy that time for yourself guilt free. It was some of the best advice I received as a mother of young children and I'm convinced it helped me be a better mother.

tattrldy said...

It's nice to know I probably don't have anything seriously wrong with me yet! I started reading the article in the link but have places to go and people to see so will have to finish it later. Thanks for posting it!
The edging looks great. I agree about the shuttle in the pocket - it might have been the only way they got a chance to do something for themselves.

Fox, you're too funny!