Saturday, June 4, 2011

Tatter on NPR

[Editor's Note: Special thanks to Tatting Pam from Texas who scooped this awesome bit of tatting news!]

Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me!

No, that isn't me trying to be funny. It is actually the name of the radio program where a tatter was a contestant and won a free recorded message for her answering machine.

Anyone who has listened to this program knows how entertaining it is. I find it to be clever and laugh-out-loud funny.

Listen to the full show - June 4, 2011

After the second segment, called Bluff the Listener (in which the tatter was featured), actor Kevin Bacon was interviewed and played another game called "Not My Job." Funny stuff!


Gina said... I have to listen to find out who the tatter is? Maybe someone we know???? :-)

IsDihara said...

Well, since I don't have permission to publisher her name or location (It is always polite to ask permission, even when they appear on a nationally syndicated radio program.) I am forced to send you email privately with the answer.

Crazy Mom! said...

I love Wait Wait - missed it today

Donna said...

I heard this show and thought of you and your tatting friends!