Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Double Cross

The first Tatting Tea Tuesday of summer started out with me sipping an iced green tea Nojito.  I make my own mint syrup, adding several splashes of lime to the green tea plus a fresh sprig or two of mint.  YUM!  Feel free to add rum if you prefer a Mojito-tea concoction.

Two Jane's Bookmark Crosses
Designed by Grace Tan/Jane McLellan
Tatted by IsDihara 2013

This week I completed a second Jane's Bookmark Cross. One for each of Sapling's Kindergarten teachers. These turned out great! Both are lovely and were a joy to tat. Sapling's last day of school is June 13, 2013, so I even completed them before deadline.  Perhaps the most amazing part!

This second cross is tatted in Lizbeth® 20 #149 Peacock Blues. It measures three (3) inches in length (7.62 cm) and two (2) inches wide (5.08 cm).

Hats off again to Grace Tan who cleverly adapted Jane McClelland's bookmark pattern into a cross.  And gratitude also to Jane McLellan who adapted her bookmark from a braid that appeared in the May 1984 Anna Burda magazine.  Such amazing talent from these two tatting ladies.

Jane's Bookmark Cross pattern PDF may be downloaded from the Tatting Class Homework page: New Pattern from Grace Tan

Ramblings and a Sneak Peek

To kick off summer tatting season I had wanted to tat another Celtic Strawberry Heart by Birgit Phelps or one of Martha Ess' charming Split Ring Ladybugs (pattern available on Palmetto Tat Days 2009 Pattern CD).  Alas, with the stitching I am doing I wasn't able to start either project.

It seems the Piedmont Palm Frond group was the lone sponsor of a decorated wall hanging this year. We had been keeping mum about our theme but I see no reason to keep it under wraps any longer. Here's a sneak peek at our whimsical blue-eyed penguins:

Playful penguins wall hanging for
2013 Tat Days fund-raising auction.
There will be more to discover about these capricious penguins at Palmetto Tat Days in September.  The wall hanging will have hand-stitched applique, couching and some bead work as well as tatting and bobbin lace. My hope is that such fun-loving sea-birds will be in demand on auction night.


Fox said...

Those crosses are very pretty - especailly in the threads you used.

Funny, My mind - of course I was immediately hooked when I saw your title and thought there might be some great story. Then, I saw that there were indeed TWO words, one a modifier... no colloquialism... sigh. It is difficult sometime to have an adolescent imagination in this adult(?) body!

Michelle said...

Lve the colors! I tried it too and found it very pleasing to make!

Good job on the deadline!

Ladytats said...

I like your crosses,and the penguins will be interesting.

I finished my 2nd one for a high schooler last night. This is a nice pattern and it looks very good.

Batty Tatter said...

Very pretty crosses. I like the watermelon one. Inspires me to make some more.

Batty Tatter said...

Very pretty bookmarks. Now I want to make some more

tattrldy said...

Both turned out great. I haven't tried this pattern yet, but it does look like fun. I have made several cross bookmarks myself recently, just a different pattern. Mine weren't for any special occasions this time.

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

Every time I see that cross pattern, I think that it is one I will have to make. I love the colors you've used! Blue-eyed penguins... perfect!

God's Kid said...

Your crosses are so sweet!!! :)
And I love those penguins!!! :)

Margarets designer cards said...

Two lovely crosses,

Frivole said...

Great crosses, I really like this adaptation of Jane's bookmark. Looks particularly pretty in the watermelon colour way.

Carrie said...

So pretty. Something else for me to put on my tatting wish list. Love your work!