Saturday, June 8, 2013

A Call for Dragonflies

The 2013 Tat Days scholarship fund raiser involves tatting dragonflies (as well as other bits).  All tatters are welcome to participate. Dragonflies must be received no later than JULY 1st.

Sharing a quick list of  free dragonfly pattern links:

Libel, the Dragonfly © Riet Surtel Smeulders 2002

Beaded Dragonfly – Sue Hanson © 1999 and © 2005

Dragonfly - © Jane Eborall 2011

Dragonfly Pattern © Shirley Hill

Dragonfly and Swan © Jon Yusoff 2010

Mrs. Mile's Dragonfly © 2010

Little Beaded Dragonfly © Debbie Arnold 2000

Dragonfly by © Lisa Reichert 2002

Also, a lovely dragonfly designed by Sharren Morgan is included on the Tat Days 2010 Pattern CD. Here is a snapshot.

And a dragonfly I tatted from Riet's wonderful pattern  (see link above): Outdoor Tatting - Dragonfly!

Please consider sending in one or more dragonflies of your choosing to help raise money for the scholarship fund.  As a scholarship recipient last year, I can attest to the value and NEED for this marvelous scholarship.

That is why I am stitching and tatting to create a decorated wall hanging to be auctioned off for fund. It is a huge blessing to tatters who otherwise would not be able to attend.

Editor's Note:  As of publishing time the link to the 2013 Tat Day Fundraiser page was broken.  As soon as it is working again I will add it to this post!

UPDATED at 2:10 p.m. on June 8, 2013
The link is back up!

And there are more opportunities than I knew!  Flowers, dragonflies, tatting to adorn Mardis Gras masks...please read through all the ways you can help!


Sharon said...

Thanks for the awesome list of dragonfly patterns. I've been busily making little flowers for the Palmetto projects. Will make a dragonfly or two (or more) before I send the first batch to Georgia.
See ya at TatDays.

Ladytats said...

just pinned your post so I can find the dragonfly patterns. Thanks for the list. Yours are pretty and will look very good on the fundraisers.

Jane McLellan said...

Wow, well done for finding links to so many dragonfly patterns!

tattrldy said...

Your dragonflies look wonderful! Thanks for the list of dragonfly patterns. I don't know that I'll get any done to send in but I know I'll be trying a few of the patterns eventually. I will check out the link to see all that can be done to help. One day I hope to come!

tattrldy said...

Ladytats had a great idea - I pinned your post so I can find the patterns, too!