Saturday, May 29, 2010

Dog Attack Progress Report

Thank you for all your support and well-wishes regarding last week's unfortunate event. It means so much to know you all are out there offering your thoughts and prayers.

Julie, my beagle-hound mix, is on the mend. She exhibits many signs of recovery, including boisterous barking to protest her confinement. She turns up her nose at dry dog food and holds out for table scraps. She has devised two ways (so far) to remove her "comfy cone" safety collar. And she begs to go out for walks.

In short, our smart, stubborn beagle is milking the situation to every canine advantage.

Who could blame her?

I have been debating whether or not to show you a photo of Julie's injuries. It looks a bit gruesome for a "minor laceration." That said, I'm guessing that now you want to see for yourself, eh?

The poor thing! The indignity of having your backside shaved is bad enough. But the drainage tube just looks so drippy and nasty. Plus, the bite is close to her dirty areas. Not good.

The neighbors who own Sophie the Saint Bernard, (or "the BIG dog who bites," as The Sprout tells it) have given us a check for $663 to cover the initial surgery. They say they will cover any follow-up expenses. We are holding onto receipts so we only have to hit them up for one more payment.

A further sign that Julie is feeling better — yesterday she yanked out her drainage tube three hours before the scheduled appointment to extract it. That prompted an early trip to the animal hospital when it started seeping bloody fluid. (Ouch!) And today she nosed the boxes and blanket-barricades off the couch so she could jump up and get comfortable. Beagles are nothing if not resourceful.  *sigh*

All is well, except for a bit of swelling which we are treating with cold and warm compresses.  In a week her sutures will be removed and she will be free to climb stairs again.


Fox said...

I think I knew she was a beagle, but had forgotten. I grew up with Biscuit, the Beagle, and know EXACTLY what Julie is doing!

I am still chuckling, thank goodness for that, at your post. Thank goodness little miss black nose on the ground greedy turn up your nose and wait for table droppings cookies and scraps is felling so much better.

Previous Property of Beagle Fox : )

p.s. The sign in word is "dogyny"!

Stephanie said...

Aww, poor doggie! Glad she's doing better and thank goodness the bad dog's owner is taking responsibility for Julie's medical bills. Give her a scratch on the head and a doggie treat for me. :)

Cindy said...

Poor, smart Julie! I think beagles should all be named "Houdini" after getting to know a friend's beagle.

My boxer is currently nursing what appears to be a sprained/strained muscle - to the tune of about $300 in tests and xrays because I was certain she was dying of some internal, incurable disease. (She was so convincing!) Then she began holding out for canned dog food instead of the usual dry grub. I'm wondering how long this will continue . . .

Best wishes for a speedy (and thorough!) recovery for Julie!

Valerie said...

ooh, that looks nasty. hope julie gets well soon enough and is able to enjoy herself again.

TAT19540 said...

I'm glad your dog is doing better. Saint Bernards can be very violent and attack for no reason. I bet your baby detected danger for you and stepped in. I hope the owners live up to their word.

Umintsuru said...

Poor dear. She will be better soon.

Tatskool said...

Wow that was a real sympathy vote photo, poor Julie, that must have hurt big time.
So glad that the neighbours did the right thing.
My word verification is 'teopoted'!

Tatfully Yours said...

Let Julie know that Hannah banana from Canada is keeping her paws crossed for a speed recovery! (Or maybe she needs to go out!)

Bonnie said...

Poor Julie, I've no doubt she's having a hard time being confinded & wearing that non-attractive collar, so I can only imagine how much better she fells being able to get onto the comfy couch.

Thank you for the update.

Paola Ch. said...

I hope Julie gets well soon they are the happiness of the house, I have a beagle and I hate To see him sick. He is a family member. Let know how she is doing