Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Tatting Derailed by Dog Attack

Tatting Tea Tuesday was derailed today by a dog attack. The neighbor's Saint Bernard  (who normally is not seen outside of the backyard fence) was out jogging with one of the college-aged daughters, who was home on break, I presume.

The Sprout, two hounds and I were just finishing up our mid-morning walk -- outside our home and just walking up the driveway -- when the Saint Bernard began lunging hard on her leash and pulled her master over to our sidewalk.

It happened so fast I didn't have time to panic. I just barked out "Get back!" to The Sprout as I protected my two medium-sized, mixed breed beagles from snarling, snapping jaws. One dog came through with only minor scratches. The other needed surgery to the tune of $800.

Guardian angels were clearly watching over The Sprout. He was out of the way and very brave through the whole ordeal.

Today I had no car, so I had to ask another neighbor to drive me and the injured dog to the vet. Luckily (again -- thank you angels!) the neighbor's husband was home (had the day off) and offered to watch over The Sprout for me. The Sprout chilled out in front of cartoons and played with the neighbor girl, pretty much nonplussed.

We pick up our dog Julie after suppertime and start her at-home recovery care. We're thankful her injuries weren't more severe.

The County Animal Warden arrived in short order to the neighbor's home -- we didn't call them. The Vet did, since the dog's vaccinations were over a year out of date. The dog is currently under quarantine for rabies, and perhaps other diseases. I won't know for sure if the attacker will be spared or euthanized (euthanitised, for UK residents), unless I get a call from the Vet or the Warden or the neighbor.

But thankfully, the neighbor did offer to pay for our dog Julie's vet bill. (Let's see if he follows through once the Warden gets done with him.)

Cross your fingers that the St. Bernard owners act responsibly and make good on their offer -- i.e. reimburse us for the damages. I would hate to have to sue.

It was a big scare, but thankfully we have good relationships with our neighbors and could call on them in a time of need. The good Samaritan neighbors are getting a fresh-baked, strawberry-rhubarb pie from me as a thank you.

Tatting will resume soon. In the meantime, thank you, dear readers, for letting me unload my troubled heart while I await the release of my pet from the animal hospital. Big hugs to you!


Carol said...

I am sorry for what was an undeniably traumatic event, but am relieved that all parties are going to be alright. I too hope they follow through with the offer (maybe you should present the bill before they have time to reconsider), so you do not have to take them to court. Would small claims court cover this?

Angels were definitely watching over you and yours!

Tatfully Yours said...

Oh my gosh!!!! You are a very strong person. I would have lost it on the neighbor and their dog. (good or bad neighbors) I am very glad to hear that you and The Sprout are OK. And that Julie will have a recovery!!! My beagle Hannah sends Julie all her best. Take care!!!


Tatskool said...

Oh my heart nearly jumped out of my chest when I read your story. We used to have a St Bernard living near and it regularly took it's owner for a walk...nearly pulling him over. Never imagined that they could get nasty, big dogs are usually calmer than small ones.

Thank goodness that you and the Sprout kept out of the way, but so sorry your dog was injured. It's never a good idea to come between two fighting dogs...have a friend who was injured separating her own two dogs.

Hope that Julie is doing well...and you are getting over the ordeal.

Fox said...

Horrifying. Reading that made my heart beat very fast. You were all very lucky. I hope the neighbour picks the tab as he/she should.

You handled it all very well, Is'Dihara. Nerves of steel - till later!

I wonder why the attack? Maybe that is why you have not seen much of that dog. I wonder if the daughter was negligent ( had been told not to jog with the dog, etc)

Nose kiss to Julie♥♥
Fox : )

H J Hess said...

Sorry to hear about Julie; glad the Sprout is safe. Thankfully, it is not worse.
Stay well!

JB said...

WOW! I am so thankful that you, sprout and your two furry babies are okay. I am praying for a speedy recovery for your Julie. It sounds like you have good neighbors and that they will be willing to take responsibility with out coercion. Big hugs to you--you need them....

sewmuchfun4 said...

I'm so happy that you and Sprout are OK and that Julie is on the mend. That must have been terrifying!
Take care,

Sharon said...

Glad to here you and the Sprout are safe. Poor Julie, was she too slow getting out of the way, or being brave trying to defend her owners against a much bigger dog? It's very strange to hear about a Saint Bernard attacking anyone, they always seem to be big calm loveable lumps.

Anonymous said...

Gosh that's awful! So pleased to hear your people and pets are all ok or recovering. What a horrible shock for all of you. Poor Julie. It is weird that this came from a St Bernard, I've only ever known calm ones too, so perhaps there's more to it than meets the eye. Very best wishes (from a bit of a lurker!) I hope there's a swift and as painless-as-possible resolution.

tattrldy said...

Oh, my! What an experience! I'm so sorry to hear about Julie. I hope the recovery goes well. That must have been very scary for all of you. It's so wonderful to have neighbors you can call on in an emergency like that, to get you and Julie to the vet and keep an eye on the Sprout. Keep us informed how everything comes out with the whole thing.

Bonnie said...

OH my goodness, I'm sorry to hear about this. Please update us on Julie's recovery process.