Sunday, May 23, 2010

Tatting Tea Tuesday Poll

Tatting Tea Tuesday is taking on a new dimension for me. I will be doing my tatting during the evening instead of the afternoon. Why?

Two weeks ago I stumbled upon a stitching group that meets on Tuesday nights close to my home. They are a group of crafty ladies who used to meet at a local knitting shop before the shop closed its doors.

A few of the ladies said they tried to learn tatting but were unsuccessful, so last week I spent a few hours tatting and teaching and marveling at the creative talent assembled around the craft tables.

Can you believe my Optometrist's assistant is a regular of this group? I have been seeing the same Optometrist since 1990 (wow, 20 years!) and this same woman has been his assistant. Their office is not near my home. Never in a million years would I have expected to see her in my neighborhood. Small world, eh?

This new evening tatting routine will require a shift in my regimen. The tatting will actually be done earlier in the week. Theoretically this will enable me to prepare the photos in advance. That is my goal.

Which raises the question:  when do you do your Tatting Tea Tuesday tatting?


Miranda said...

How awesome! I keep trying to find a local stitching group to join, but the only one I can find meets at a time that doesn't work for me. I know you'll have a great time with these ladies!

Gina said...

Just because it's Tuesday doesn't mean I'll be tatting. I just try to create a post that focuses on tatting and tea and it comes in bits and pieces for days, or weeks. (Not that I've been posting that much lastely) It's a way to bring two of my loves into a single focus on a regular basis.

Fox said...

So, she has 'opted' - hmm - for the evening group as well? Small world, isn't it!

Sounds as if you may get more tatting done this way.

I tat when I can at all different times and places... It is always in my gear.
Fox : )

Tatskool said...

That's wonderful news, can't beat a group of tatters....or any kind of lace makers for that matter.

Sharon said...

Since I tat. All the time. Everywhere. Tatting Tea Tuesday is much like every other day. I get cranky when I can't tat :-)

N. Maria said...

How wonderful to find a group!! I have only found a knitting group at our local yarn store. I have tried to find some people closer through Georgia's site...sigh...
It would be nice to tat together and improve/learn.