Friday, August 28, 2009

Motif # 3 of 25 Motif Challenge

Ta-Daaa! The tatting that has consumed my heart, mind and soul this week stems from a study of negative space in the Design_Tat class. I used Lizbeth size 20 cotton thread in the color Mocha Brown Medium. It measures seven (7) inches across.

It is not blocked, as I am already preparing to tat it again in HDT. (With a few tweaks to help it hold its shape better.) Can you tell what shape I was going for? Here's a clue .

Ugh! I goofed and scanned it with the wrong side up, so if you look closely you will see the unsightly knot where I started and stopped. Nonetheless, it represents a milestone in my tatting development: my first original design.

Oh no! I just read through a past post from Threads of a Tatting Goddess' blog and saw the following passage:
"We were to design the next round of a center motif. The only rule was to join at the 4 picots on the original center motif."
Take another look at my motif. See the stunning lack of joined picots on the central motif? Oh, the horror! The mortification! All that work and I failed to follow the one, simple rule of the lesson.

Well at least I hadn't uploaded it yet. So dear readers, you are the only ones who will know the truth. (Still, the motif is quite pretty.)

My lot is to start over, making a whole new design. But this one still counts as motif #3 for the 25 motif challenge, so at least the work wasn't all for naught.

Milles mercis, Tatting Goddess, for stopping me before I completely embarrassed myself in front of the class.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Can You See It? Teapot Art

While browsing teapots, I saw this teapot autostereogram and thought I'd share the love. So long as I post a direct link back I am permitted to post the image, so have fun staring until the teapot emerges from the repeating pattern of dots.

If you are able to see the 3D image, let me know what you see. I have never been able to perceive 3D shapes hidden within an autostereogram. Just can't seem to trick my eyes into focusing or unfocusing or whatever.

Source link: teapots teapots teapots: Happy New Year