Saturday, November 27, 2010

Chocolate Box Contest Update

Just a reminder that the deadline for my decorated chocolate box contest is November 30, 2010. A winner will be announced on December 7th.

Here are the entries so far!

Batatter kicked things off with this impressive entry: chocolate box

Tattrldy jumped in with both feet and completed this adorable chocolate box: TTT with Chocolates

Not to be outdone, Karrianne submitted this winsome, fabric and tatting entry: Mini-chocolate box

Yavamoni submitted this fresh-as-spring entry via Intatters: decorated box

IMPORTANT NOTE: A window opens on Val's blog asking for you to enter a password. This is a phishing scam! Click on the "X" button to close the window. DO NOT TYPE IN A PASSWORD UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES.

Val turned in this superb satchel: Chocolates

Fate is a Good Provider
There is a saying in French, "le hasard fait bien les choses," which can be translated as "fate is a good provider." Lady Fate tipped her hat to Sharon. Just look at her entry: It must have been fate.

O, Woe is She!
Georgia asked if she could submit her entry using an empty plastic celery bag, since her doctor has banned chocolate from her diet. Georgia, of course you can! (Fingers still crossed for this entertaining entry.)

In fact, I have half a mind to tat celery in protest of Georgia's plight. Or make a silly celery hat. Does anyone out there know of a block tatted celery bunch?  Martha?

This Just In!
Icelas made her own box because she ran out of Whitman's chocolate boxes.  New Bon Bon Box
(Now don't you wish you could be adopted?) ツ

Tattips' entry is truly a labor of love. Feminine, romantic and lacy: A Valentine chocolate box

Back to the Contest
Wow, y'all are really making this a tough choice. The boxes are all so brilliantly done.

(Honestly, if I were entering I would be more than a bit intimidated.) Did I say that out loud?  ツ

It is not too late to get your entry in!

Remember, 25 free balls of thread are waiting for 1 lucky winner!

But you've got to be in to win.

Good luck!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Motif #17 - "Angels in the Snow"

"Angels in the Snow" © 2010 Tatting Fool
Snowflake HDT in size 20 by Yarnplayer

Motif #17 - "Angels in the Snow" Flake
Time to show off my pretty snowflake tatted in size 20 Snowflake HDT by Yarnplayer.

It measures 9 cm. (3 3/8 inches) in diameter and took somewhere in the ballpark of 14 yards to tat.

Tatting Fool (also known as Miranda) offers this dilly of a design as a PDF download for $3 US to help raise money for the Brain Injury Association of New Mexico.

Tatting Tea Tuesday
With the the US Thanksgiving holiday just two days away, I should talk about turkey, the Macy's parade and football. But here I sit, sipping Santa Spice tea, nibbling Pepperidge Farm "Milano Slices" and listening to holiday music CDs while I wind shuttles.

"Angels in the Snow" © 2010 Tatting Fool
(same snowflake on a black background)

I am trying to stay motivated to tat snowflakes.

What I want to be doing is crafty tatting to decorate satin balls for my holiday tree.

Other tatters have a flurry of snowflakes to tuck into seasonal greeting cards. So far I have completed one. (Hey, I'm not knockin' it. One is better than zero.)

My next flake will be another "Angels in the Snow," but this time adding a few beads. Shocking for me, I know!

Wishing you all blissful me time to create something beautiful. See you next Tuesday for more communi-tea!