Saturday, January 27, 2018

TIAS Day 5 - Trunk, Paisley or Glow-on-the-Go?

Day five (5) dawned and I kid you not, my first waking thought was for the TIAS.  Some (not tatters) would say I was going fou-fou-nutzo.  But we all know what is important, don't we?

Of course we do!

So I hopped out of bed and headed to the computer to see what Day 5 brought -- even before coffee!

My printer died so I am tatting from electronic screens this year.  Luckily, my iPad allows me to bring the pattern to my favorite tatting chair and work.  Here is my quick snapshot showing my shuttles and the screen. 

I chose Lizbeth® 20 #165 Grape Splash thread to tat this curious, unknown-as-yet "wotzit." My glow worm might be morphing into an elephant trunk.  Either that or a paisley?

The open picots could easily be for a paisley shape.  But I'm not giving up on my glow worm just yet. Lil' Lumo might just be preparing a travel home to carry on his back.

On to Day 6!

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Muppet Musings on T.I.A.S. Day 4

Day 4 of Jane Eborall's Tat It And See is here and I found the next wee bit very interesting.  Rings get smaller as they progress down the center line which reminds me of the handle of a spoon.

Could it be a spoon? The open picots seem to indicate that we will be tatting "around the horn" and doing something mysterious at the top of the work. That is was is so addicting about TIAS, not knowing where the tatting is headed.

Which segues nicely into the Muppet Thought of the Week:

My Day 4 photos are presented by Kermit the Frog because he is a very well-traveled frog.

What does Kermit think about Day 4? At first I thought he might have been hinting that we were tatting a glow worm.  Kermit eats glow worms, so let's assume he's hungry and carry on.

Now I have two guesses to share with my Day 4 photo:  a spoon and a glow worm!

Kermits looks quite pleased with himself.  Which way will the TIAS 2018 go?  Who knows? Each Day gives us another clue.  

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

2018 Tat It And See Challenge Accepted

Hello, tatting friends! I have accepted the challenge from Jane Eborall in the form of her beloved Tat It And See (T.I.A.S.).

She has announced that 2018 will be her last year running TIAS which makes me sad.  For many years now, TIAS has always been Jane's fun community January tat-along.  But it is a tremendous amount of work for Jane to plan, design, test and carry out.

Will 2018 really be the final one?  Let's hope that Brain Cell #3 begs, wheedles and whines for another go in 2019.

TIAS 2018 Days 1-3
Tatted by IsDihara

This snippet makes up Days 1 through 3 and tomorrow Jane releases Day 4!  Part of the fun is posting your progress to Jane with comments and guesses -- what could it be?  What does it look like today?  She uploads each participant's guess and photo to her TIAS blog.

So far this bit of tatting has been exceptionally fun for two reasons.  It is the first bit of tatting I have done since October 2017, and it is so far working up great in size 20 Lizbeth 165 Grape Splash.

Hurry up Day 4, because right now I see a mysterious WHATSIT tail waiting for legs, body, neck and head.