Friday, January 21, 2011

Flower Power from Postie

Lookie what postie brought yesterday in the mail.

Those lovely lasses and lads from the Palmetto Tatters Guild wrote to thank me for sending a donation to the scholarship fund in 2010. You don't see too many hand-written notes these days (more's the pity) and the one I received was especially nice!

As if the thank you letter wasn't enough, tucked inside was this magnificent tatted Autumn posy. I just love this!

If you were the tatter, please know that I can't stop smiling at receiving this very pretty piece of tatting.

Thank you for creating it from one giddy recipient!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

1920's Tatted Coaster Set Pattern

Passing along a link that I found today while I was typing up Tatting in the News.

Image Source: Bramcost Publications

Ring in the New Year (Day 12) Vintage Tatted Coaster Set and Box Pattern

Don't know how long the pattern link will remain active, so go look and print it out if you think such a project is of interest.

Special thanks to Bramcost Publications for making this vintage coaster pattern available! It is just one of many vintage needlearts publications they are sharing.

More on Shuttles, Treat Mints and a Teapot

Remember this photo from two weeks ago? I started a holiday recap only to abandon it after the blogging attempt stretched long into the day and night.

Santa's goodies included two decorated shuttles: one from La Cosette with holly, berries and snowflakes.

And the other a Clover shuttle blinged out with pretty pink posies from Lace-lovin Librarian Diane. See it peeking out from the red satin bag? That same bag was tantalizingly displayed in Diane's post, The Big 500. She celebrated her 500th blog post with a giveaway and I was one of the lucky five winners. The prizes were a mystery and I have to say the suspense was palpable. But I couldn't be happier with the prize!

That darling red satin pouch held a treasure trove of goodies: the pink posy shuttle (hand-decorated by Diane), a ball of vintage white tatting cotton, a 12-yard sample of Sulky thread (color 4025), an EZ-Bob for winding thread, and a charm clip. Such nice goodies. Thank you, Diane!

To see a nice photo of all the items together, check out Martha Ess' blog post. Her belated thank you says it all, so much better than I have.

Tathogen® Treat Mints
To the ladies in my lace guild, who have been nervous about thread-eating microbes ever since I returned from Palmetto Tat Days, I gave out holiday samples of Treat Mints. Everyone seemed to like them and it afforded some peace of mind (particularly to the bobbin lacers who couldn't tat a Thyme leaf cure).

If you haven't heard about the thread-eating microbe, read about it in this Tatting Tea Tuesday post from August 31, 2010.

And on that note I kindly thank you for reading all the way to the bottom, and leave you until anon.