Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Motif #14 - Mary Fitch's Poplar Leaf

Mary Fitch's Poplar Leaf
Karey Solomon © 2010

Sharing my first Tat Days finished piece -- the Poplar Leaf from Karey Solomon's Early Bird class on Saturday, August 28, 2010.

Now, I did not attend the early bird class since I was staying off-site (17 miles away). But the nice Tat Days staffers graciously gave me a copy of the pattern.

This leaf is more along the lines of what I imagine is a manageable pattern for Tat Days. And isn't it just a darling little leaf?

Motif #14
This counts as motif #14 for my 25 motif challenge. It is tatted in Lizbeth 40 #138 Leafy Greens and measures a petite 1 by 1 1/4 inches (2.5 cm by 3.2 cm).

The pattern is Karey Solomon's re-envisioning/adaptation of a 1916 pattern by Mary Fitch. This leaf is in her "Tree of Life" book.

Karey says tatting this leaf is a great way to use up partial thread on your shuttle. It is a single shuttle pattern and only takes about 3 yards of thread.

Karey, you've done it again. Thank you for enchanting us with this petite leaf and offering up a mini-tat to use up left-over threads.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tatting Tea Tuesday — Never Enough Thyme

Whew! Freshly returned from Tat Days, I am itchin' to show you all the new things I learned. Sadly, I spent more time chattin' than tattin' and don't have a whole lot to show.

My mission today is to share a "secret" that I have been keeping. *drum.roll*

Thyme Leaf

My first design! It is a thyme leaf, but really you could use it for roses or any other leafy purpose. It looks wonderful tatted in Lizbeth #138 Leafy Greens (above). It also looks great tatted in solid colors.

It can be tatted with or without split rings, in one or two rounds and with or without beads.

For those who prefer not to tat split rings, tat the two inside clover elements separately, joining the second to the first according to the diagram. Then tat the second row separately. (Three sets of ends to hide.) 

If hiding all those ends makes you feel a little faint, it can also be tatted all in one pass.

Why the secrecy? Tat Days attendees were given this pattern as a freebie in their welcome packets. It was imperative that they all get one, you see...

"The game is afoot."
A tatting game was unleashed upon Tat Days, called Tathogen. It spreads like a virus because it is a virus game. This wicked little microbe eats your precious thread, unless you tat a cure.

The first morning of Tat Days I was overjoyed to find that a few early birds had already tatted their cure and were wearing thyme leaves on their ID badges. As I mingled, I handed out little cards that read "You've just caught necrotizing filitis. Please report to the quarantine area for treatment."

Oh boy! It didn't take long before folks were refusing those cards! They would say, "Oh, I don't want that!"

Nobody wanted to put their thread at risk. (Hee, hee.)

At the end of the conference, one tatter told me that she didn't like my games. They were too risky!

I'm guessing she enjoyed the element of danger. I appreciated her good-natured humor. It is more fun when folks play along!

Careful, it's catching
The pattern may have been a bit ambitious to complete during the hectic two-day schedule. But that's okay. Now you can tat yourself a cure to protect your thread!

Because you never know when the next Tathogen outbreak may strike.  ツ

Monday, August 30, 2010

Photos from Tat Days, part 1

Waving Hi from Tat Days! What a marvelous, tat-in adventure it has been so far. Warm, southern-style welcomes, adding faces and names to dozens of online friends, incredible classes, shopping and more.

Photos are added. It is good to be home (**)

Georgia posing with Ciarrán.

Perhaps the most surprising thing was that I didn't fall down in a dead feint at meeting Georgia Seitz. In fact, when I introduced myself she gave me the biggest hug. Thank you, Georgia, for being even more wonderful in person than you are online.

If you click on the image to enlarge it and zoom in on Georgia's ID badge, you will see her thyme leaf warding off insidious microbes. It is not the clearest photo. The leaf is tatted in Lizbeth 40 #136 Autumn Spice and I thought it looked so pretty!

She got that leaf as a gift from me, since she was so busy during the conference. Couldn't leave Georgia's threads unprotected, no!

Tatters chatting in the lobby.

By my estimation, 75 lacers attended Tat Days.

Everyone I met is more wonderful than I could have ever imagined. Truly. Everyone.

First impressions
Southern hospitality rocks! What a luxury to find real feather pillows and a down comforter on the bed. The waitress at our first restaurant, a place called Ribeyes, went out of her way to suggest local attractions for The Sprout and never once let on that we talked funny.

The steaks and burgers were so tasty at Ribeyes that we ate there twice. It was always hoppin'-busy and the clientele raved to us about how much they loved the food.

The second night the same waitress greeted us warmly and said, "You came back!" Then she asked The Sprout if he saw the Zedonk at the zoo. As busy as that woman was both times, I was surprised she remembered us at all. That's hospitality, eh?

But back to Tat Days! So many tatters' faces that were familiar to me from photos are now personalized with conversations, shared classes and meals, games, activities and chats.

Martha Ess shows Krystledawne's mom Karieann (left) and me (right) how to tat her broomstick tatted bookmark.

Karrieann turned out to be sitting right next to me in my first Friday class. Crazy Mom was a few seats away. Pre-class conviviality turned many unfamiliar faces into new tatting friends.

CrazyMom, how did I manage to spend so much time with you and NOT get a photo of you?!? 
(Methinks you are crazy like a fox.)  I'm so envious that you took Nina's bead class! So many great classes and not enough hours in two days to take them all.

Photo kindly shared by HJ Hess (center)
John (left), me (center front) and Karriean (right)

Krystledawne, more proof that I met your marvelous mom!

Squeeee! Martha Ess taught my first class -- a broomstick tatted bookmark. This was the class I was most eager to take and it turned out to be the biggest challenge. *mumbles* (...still haven't completed it...) But I will!  It is such a brilliant pattern! FAB! Cross your fingers that I finish it tonight.

Crafty Tatting 2 class with Georgia Seitz and Bernie Cosell (another VA tatter) was so much fun! We learned how to make pop-up inserts on which to affix tatted motifs and these 3D paper holiday trees we then could decorate with tatting. Crafty goodness!

Bernie taught me Maltese Rings. It was so easy once I got over my mental block. Thanks, Bernie! Now I can tackle those teapots in Martha's "T is for Tatting" book that I have been longing to tat.

Wally posing with Ciarrán after class.

I took two classes on Saturday with Wally Sosa and oh my! Both Wally and her techniques are delightful. I danced out of her classroom on twinkle toes thinking of ways to add Schwarino Flying Rings and Rolled Picots to my projects.

It is so difficult not to break into peels of gleeful squeals over every tiny detail. I am trying to maintain a modicum of composure, but you all must realize that I was such a wide-eyed, first-timer!

I marveled at seeing more than one or two tatters in the same room, interacting and learning together. I was amazed at the silent auction items, the Mary Konior display (more on that later) and the display of tatted works people brought just to show and tell.

I was humbled by the gorgeous tatting people wore on their bodies and the laces flying off their shuttles.

Meeting Riet Surtel-Smeulders was such a treat! Riet was so sweet to share bars of Belgian chocolate with The Sprout (I got one too). YUM!

But the most humbling thing was how many people approached me and said how they knew me. Hegla, bless her heart, even described me as FAMOUS (What?) and like family.  But every sentiment and gesture touched my heart deeply.

'Cause you all don't realize how special it was for me to meet and spend time with all of YOU! The pleasure was entirely mine. I can't wait until I get to see you all again to make more Tat Days magic.

So -- anon, when I can share photos and tales of a leprechaun reunion, high jinks, a lep of unusual size (that Ciarrán quippingly called Gigantor) and the lovely Miss Scarlet!