Thursday, March 17, 2011

Paper, Podge and a Plane

My poor abused fingers have been bandaged lately, which makes tatting awkward, so I switched to scrapbooking and experimenting with Mod Podge.

Here is the first digital scrapbook page I finished. Of course, one very eager elf leapt with glee as soon as I agreed to post it.

The bottom section leaves room to add hybrid items, such as bits of tatting and an accordian-fold mini-photo book.

The journaling wraps around the page. It is hard to read unless you can enlarge the image to 8x8 or larger. So here's what it says:
It's up, up and away for Ciarrán the leprechaun! Here he is taking advantage of a fine Spring day to joy ride on Birgitte Tessier’s model airplane.

Waving goodbye, our intrepid lep' takes to the skies and sets his sights westward. It is a quest he hopes will end in romance as he heads off to win the heart of his lady fair. Ciarrán had the good fortune to train with her during his academy days in a remote Irish location.

With naught but a lucky coin and his passion to guide him, it will be the adventure of a lifetime. Good luck to you, Ciarrán!

The photos were taken LAST Spring, hence the May 2010 date. Since then I have not heard heard the end of lep pestering to post this page.

Does Ciarrán have secret motives? A flight plan?

I did spy him skulking through the kitchen the other night. The next morning there was an unsealed letter addressed to a lady lep sitting on the breakfast table.

'What does that wily sprite have up his sleeve?' I thought and peeked into the envelope.

*gasp* A glimpse inside the card...

The card bore the lady lep's name as well as a bit of Irish poetry. Not wanting to spoil the surprise in case the recipient reads this blog, I cropped off those parts. (Sorry!)

But oh, it makes my heart glad to see that Ciarrán has not given up on romance. His resolve hasn't waned in spite of receiving no word from his lady fair in a year. And let's not forget he has a rival.

Will Ciarrán's love interest favor him with an answer?

Stay tuned for more Adventures of Ciarrán the Leprechaun.

This post has gotten quite long so watch for details of my experiments in Mod Podge in the next post.

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