Friday, June 1, 2018

FO's to Show

After a rough patch (two surgeries and their respective recovery periods) I am back to healthy and whole and I couldn't wait to get shuttles back into my hands. I resisted the urge to splurge on NEW handcrafted shuttles and started sorting through the vast and various loose shuttles floating around my craft room.

You know what happens when you start looking around in your creative space? You find all sorts of unfinished things that scream to be completed.

I gathered up the tatting UFOs, put them in a pretty box and resolved to complete as many as possible before the end of the school year.

Hand-wound Happiness

Two HWT projects kept whispering, "Pick me,"  so I pulled them out and got to tatting.  I made it though one and a smidgeon of the the second UFO before starting a new project.

Jon Yusoff's Merriment doily pattern was one repeat away from finished.  Why hadn't I tatted one more repeat?!?  We'll never know.  I had used two variegated Valdani 12 threads hand-wound together to get the marled effect.  While not for everyone, I found this thread combination to be pleasing and easy to work.  It was a fun, quick to finish tat, which motivated me to keep going.

So I chose this UFO for the next project.

Aren't the threads pretty?  Round one was a square and round two alters it into a bracketed square.  A King Tut sewing thread (pictured) was hand-wound with a size 30 HDT to achieve the cheerful combo. The pattern for this is of Russian origin and was found on

So much pattern piracy happens on Pinterest that I decided not to share the pattern here.

Still slowly plugging ahead on the Russian motif, I start thinking about a Poppy pattern designed by Jennifer Williams in 2012.

"...the new Liz Metallic® threads would add a wonderful sparkle to her pretty poppy...I have a ball of Christmas Red #324...doubling it up with a solid red would add more poppy-ness..."

Boom!  I have started a Poppy Project.

Last but not least are the two MERFOLK completed back in January for Jane Eborall's final Tat It And See 2018.  My very purple mermaid has big, brown eyes and her name is Sirena.  She is friends with Herman the Merman, who has crazy copper-colored hair.

Serena is tatted with Lizbeth 20 #165 Grape Splash. Strands of Elderberry Jam #177, Lilac Medium #642 and a variegated brown sewing thread make up her hair.  Her long locks are tied back with a scrap of green sock yarn "seaweed."