Saturday, May 29, 2010

Dog Attack Progress Report

Thank you for all your support and well-wishes regarding last week's unfortunate event. It means so much to know you all are out there offering your thoughts and prayers.

Julie, my beagle-hound mix, is on the mend. She exhibits many signs of recovery, including boisterous barking to protest her confinement. She turns up her nose at dry dog food and holds out for table scraps. She has devised two ways (so far) to remove her "comfy cone" safety collar. And she begs to go out for walks.

In short, our smart, stubborn beagle is milking the situation to every canine advantage.

Who could blame her?

I have been debating whether or not to show you a photo of Julie's injuries. It looks a bit gruesome for a "minor laceration." That said, I'm guessing that now you want to see for yourself, eh?

The poor thing! The indignity of having your backside shaved is bad enough. But the drainage tube just looks so drippy and nasty. Plus, the bite is close to her dirty areas. Not good.

The neighbors who own Sophie the Saint Bernard, (or "the BIG dog who bites," as The Sprout tells it) have given us a check for $663 to cover the initial surgery. They say they will cover any follow-up expenses. We are holding onto receipts so we only have to hit them up for one more payment.

A further sign that Julie is feeling better — yesterday she yanked out her drainage tube three hours before the scheduled appointment to extract it. That prompted an early trip to the animal hospital when it started seeping bloody fluid. (Ouch!) And today she nosed the boxes and blanket-barricades off the couch so she could jump up and get comfortable. Beagles are nothing if not resourceful.  *sigh*

All is well, except for a bit of swelling which we are treating with cold and warm compresses.  In a week her sutures will be removed and she will be free to climb stairs again.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Tatting Derailed by Dog Attack

Tatting Tea Tuesday was derailed today by a dog attack. The neighbor's Saint Bernard  (who normally is not seen outside of the backyard fence) was out jogging with one of the college-aged daughters, who was home on break, I presume.

The Sprout, two hounds and I were just finishing up our mid-morning walk -- outside our home and just walking up the driveway -- when the Saint Bernard began lunging hard on her leash and pulled her master over to our sidewalk.

It happened so fast I didn't have time to panic. I just barked out "Get back!" to The Sprout as I protected my two medium-sized, mixed breed beagles from snarling, snapping jaws. One dog came through with only minor scratches. The other needed surgery to the tune of $800.

Guardian angels were clearly watching over The Sprout. He was out of the way and very brave through the whole ordeal.

Today I had no car, so I had to ask another neighbor to drive me and the injured dog to the vet. Luckily (again -- thank you angels!) the neighbor's husband was home (had the day off) and offered to watch over The Sprout for me. The Sprout chilled out in front of cartoons and played with the neighbor girl, pretty much nonplussed.

We pick up our dog Julie after suppertime and start her at-home recovery care. We're thankful her injuries weren't more severe.

The County Animal Warden arrived in short order to the neighbor's home -- we didn't call them. The Vet did, since the dog's vaccinations were over a year out of date. The dog is currently under quarantine for rabies, and perhaps other diseases. I won't know for sure if the attacker will be spared or euthanized (euthanitised, for UK residents), unless I get a call from the Vet or the Warden or the neighbor.

But thankfully, the neighbor did offer to pay for our dog Julie's vet bill. (Let's see if he follows through once the Warden gets done with him.)

Cross your fingers that the St. Bernard owners act responsibly and make good on their offer -- i.e. reimburse us for the damages. I would hate to have to sue.

It was a big scare, but thankfully we have good relationships with our neighbors and could call on them in a time of need. The good Samaritan neighbors are getting a fresh-baked, strawberry-rhubarb pie from me as a thank you.

Tatting will resume soon. In the meantime, thank you, dear readers, for letting me unload my troubled heart while I await the release of my pet from the animal hospital. Big hugs to you!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Tatting Tea Tuesday Poll

Tatting Tea Tuesday is taking on a new dimension for me. I will be doing my tatting during the evening instead of the afternoon. Why?

Two weeks ago I stumbled upon a stitching group that meets on Tuesday nights close to my home. They are a group of crafty ladies who used to meet at a local knitting shop before the shop closed its doors.

A few of the ladies said they tried to learn tatting but were unsuccessful, so last week I spent a few hours tatting and teaching and marveling at the creative talent assembled around the craft tables.

Can you believe my Optometrist's assistant is a regular of this group? I have been seeing the same Optometrist since 1990 (wow, 20 years!) and this same woman has been his assistant. Their office is not near my home. Never in a million years would I have expected to see her in my neighborhood. Small world, eh?

This new evening tatting routine will require a shift in my regimen. The tatting will actually be done earlier in the week. Theoretically this will enable me to prepare the photos in advance. That is my goal.

Which raises the question:  when do you do your Tatting Tea Tuesday tatting?

Crazy Quilt Block Tatting

A quick update to share some of my tatting attempts to help Georgia Seitz in her 2010 Tat Days Scholarship fundraising project. Georgia has asked for help with crazy quilt block #86.

Here is a link to other crazy quilt blocks for the project: 2010 Scholarship PTG Fundraiser. At this juncture I am unsure if all of the blocks shown are unclaimed or if they are spoken for, but if you are interested in helping out I am sure Georgia will steer you in the right direction.

I have one last snippet of pumpkin on a vine edging left over from 2009's Halloween quilted ball ornament (closer look) that I think will look beautiful on block #86.

Birgit's spider should look right at home on quilt block #86. This is how far along I am in tatting the ingeniously constructed little arachnid.

With her long legs she looks a bit gothic, Tim Burton-esque? Just wait until those legs are finger-tatted.

Also in mind for the blue wavy segment of the quilt block is a baby whale from Heather, the Tarnished Tatter's book, "Afternoon Tatting." You can see a sample of the wee whale baby from Heather's Etsy page.

Cross your fingers that I will have finished the spider and started the baby whale in time for Tatting Tea Tuesday.