Friday, March 16, 2012

Tatting Tea Tuesday - The Big Reveal

Well, aren't I God's own fool for promising a Tatting Tea Tuesday post and not delivering until the end of the week?

Last weekend the tatting got finished (and the tea got drunk), but the steam-set of the lace didn't happen until Tuesday evening. Tuesday and Wednesday were gorgeous sunny days so we went outside to enjoy them. Excuses, excuses...

Without further adieu, *drumroll*

Regal Snowflake © 2011 La Cossette
Tatted by Is'Dihara

Motif #13 Regal Snowflake
The big reveal is Regal Snowflake, designed by La Cossette and tatted in Lizbeth® 20 Snow White #601. Pale blue Swarovski crystals and blue seed beads enhance the crystalline effect.

Jeff Hamilton, is this the project you commented "looks suspiciously like the snowflake I hope to tat really soon?"

My first snowflake for a 2012 Christmas tree charity project for the Piedmont Lace Guild of Virginia turned out pretty well. (White lace is such a challenge to photograph!)

If only my scanner would get over its bad self and start talking to the wireless network again.

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