Thursday, August 12, 2010

County Fair Tatting

Quick update on the County Fair tatting — today I turned in my entry. Woo hoo!

Several of the registration volunteers were enthusiastic about seeing what I brought, but every single one said "what is it, ceramic painting?"

Ceramic painting?!?

OK. (Forgive me for not snapping a photo before I turned it in.) Since I had two glass mats, I decided to display them in a mirrored case so they would be considered together and not handled overly much, except by the judges.

I decorated the football-sized display case with a porcelain teacup and saucer that complimented the colors in the lace. Glass mats need glasses (or tea cups), right?

Well, everyone focused on the tea cup and ignored the lace. Oh no!

Plus, the ladies at the registration desk said, "Only one entry per category. The judges may disqualify this entry."

I explained that it was a set, and was displayed as such on purpose. I politely asked if I could fill out the description ticket to read "tea time coaster set."

The registration ladies declined to allow me to fill out the description card.

Elation turned to depression and I went home feeling dejected. My first entry may be rejected for not following the rules.

I will keep you all updated and be sure to include a photo of the display case once I bring it back home (Or maybe even from the Home Arts hall...)

Breaking News! A Tatting Revival

Just had to share this link to a recent tatting article in the news. It features a tatter who lives close to me -- Sw4nkyL4c3r.

Tatting is Making a Revival

Remember when she came over for Tatting Tea Tuesday? For details Set the WABAC Machine.

Isn't it wonderful to read that a tatting revival is underway? First it was dying and then a lost art. But Sw4nkyL4cer is trying to bring it back.

She really does a wonderful job teaching needle tatting at the Ben Lomond Historic Site and Old Rose Garden. Her classes are always full and her students come back session after session.

I had to chuckle after reading her follow-up email today. She said the reporter made up some "mystery quotes."

Factoring in the errors I found on the page, (the bad caption underneath the photo) I shudder to imagine what creative license he may have taken.

But, you know what they say. There is no such thing as bad press.

NEXT: Holy Schemoley! Shuttle Search Solved

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Zoo Flakes - ABC

The Sprout's summer reading challenge has been an unexpected source for tatting inspiration.
Zoo Flakes by Will C. Howell
(image source: Google images via

Of course, I can't show you pages from the book due to copyright law, but check your local library for a copy.

This lovely little children's book has captured my imagination. I have been poring over it, marveling at the cut-out paper snowflakes built upon animal shapes.

It has also provided a novel diversion while I wait for Martha Ess' new critter book to be released.

Which begs the question: might it be possible to work Martha's winsome critters (or Christel Weidemann's farm animals or Jane Eborall's animals or Inga Madsen's or Heather Johnston's animals) into snowflakes or small doilies? A polar bear...a penguin...a winter fox...a gecko...a dragon...a swan...a baby whale?

How about using a Zoo flake as a template for a new doily design?

Kersti Anear has green-lighted this idea for an InTatters forum challenge. So I put the question to you. Would you be interested?  If so, I'd love to know!

And of course, head on over to InTatters to take part in the challenge. (But I won't have the forum post up until this evening.)