Thursday, July 21, 2011

Paisley Scarf Edging

Spotted on Etsy

Red Grey Paisley Silk Tatting Lace Long Scarf

Here is the link to this Etsy item: Red Grey Paisley

Take note of this graceful way to "unique-ify" a silk accessory.

Hmmm, I have a shoebox full of long-neglected accessory scarves a round here somewhere...

Don't the colors of the lace match the scarf perfectly?


My ability to re-size photos (PhotoShop) is still on the fritz. (*grumble*) But I am still tatting. (Wishing I could show you...)

Remember this? Dipping a Toe in the Design Pool

Here is a slightly out-of focus shot from my cell phone. It shows my attempts to tat a fleur de lis edging. Right now it looks more like a weird light bulb filament, but once I get the shape worked out to my satisfaction I will offer up the pattern for free.

Here is a second cell phone snapshot.

Gina, you have been waiting since June of 2009 for this project to bear fruit. Hope I haven't kept you waiting too long! I am still toying with ideas. Hopefully soon it will be finished. Soon!