Thursday, May 9, 2013

Motif 21 - Pram Pride

IsDihara's TIAS 2013 complete!
These darling baby carriages will count as Motif 21 for my 25 Motif Challenge. 

For those who like to know, here are the threads I used to create these cuties: 

Lizbeth 20 #168 Latte Foam for the body of the pram on the left.
Lizbeth 20 #125 Sea Scape for the body of the pram on the right.
Lizbeth 20 #603 Ecru for the wheels and handles.

What does your pram say about you?  
Mine say that I LOVED tatting January's mysterious and whimsical TIAS.  It was brilliant!  The releases kept me guessing well past the half-way mark. (It is the guessing that I like most of all.)

In fact, I stopped tatting on the last installment to tackle Sapling's 6th birthday party and a few other real-life bits, but kept putting it off JUST so the fun wouldn't end. (Crazy logic, I know.)  Eventually they called to me to be tidied up and taken out for a stroll.

Merci mille fois, Jane, for giving us this delightful game to play. It sure was fun!

Here is a quick guide for deciphering what your baby's actions are when in an outward-facing pram.  If the person walking toward you:
  • Smiles or comments about how cute your child is = Baby is asleep.
  • Gives you pitying looks = Baby is crying.
  • Looks of horror = Baby is covered in vomit or the wind has stuck a crisp packet to it’s face
(I found these amusing tips on a blog post entitled "What does your pram say about you?") 

And last, but not least, is this image of the limited edition BMW Pram Royal Baby Stroller. I hadn't seen it before. Apologies if your little corner of Tat Land has been inundated with it.


Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Contemplating Wavy Gravy

Oh, what fond memories I have of making the One-Ball Wavy Gravy Hat (original design © 2007 Elizabeth McNamee) by ElizaMac.

Jane from South Africa knitted a delightful variation in June 2012 (her blog post is titled Gilded Hat) and I have been thinking about knitting another one ever since.

For those on Ravelry, a pattern page is available here that includes a link to the free pattern.

Elizabeth's original blog post:  Noro Kureyon One-Ball Wavy Gravy Hat Pattern

I first stumbled across The Wavy Gravy hat (surprise, surprise) while on a late-night blog crawl. After knitting two in quick succession, I made a third using "Christmas Pudding" colors and donated it to charity.

If you have never seen a Christmas Pudding knit hat, prepare to say "Awwww."

Image Source: Driftwood Blog

Audrey Wilson shares links on her design blog for darling Christmas Pudding pin cushions and tea cozy patterns:  The Design Studio: Christmas Pudding Knitting Workshop and Hand Knitting Patterns

The Wavy Gravy hat I will knit will not be a Christmas Pudding.  Rather, it will be more like this one again by Jane from South Africa - Two Hats