Saturday, May 12, 2012

New Shuttle

I got mine!

The Tatting Forum's signature shuttle is pure Shuttle Shop goodness.  Can you believe it is the first Shuttle Shop tool in my collection with a pick?

In the past I have purchased post shuttles without picks and I use crochet hooks to make joins. I must have forgotten to say "no pick, please."

But no matter, because I LOVE IT!  It is my first shuttle to have Is'Dihara printed on it.

Ever since it arrived I have been fantasizing about a future day when someone "inherits" this shuttle.  What kind of person would pick it up (in an antique/estate/yard sale or flea market or "boot sale")? What kind of person would take it home?

Between now and that future day I plan to put this lovely shuttle to much good use. Let the oils from my hands infuse it with love. Let the threads that reel off be transformed into yards of lace.

Now I must go, load it up and try it out!